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Staring at the reckless Dark Dweller with his hand wrapped tightly around his axe handle Elseron had to concentrate extremely hard not to simply swing out and crush his head into the wall. Pilot smiled at him so smugly Elseron had to close his eyes in order to form his thoughts, 'I will surely remember that Mr Gallo. But trust me, I am not an enemy you want to have.'

'Elseron all this bluffing and gesturing is doing nothing for your reputation my friend. My wife is safely...'

'Is safely three-point-six-six miles outside of the city in the Half Way House Motel and Restaurant would you like a room number as well Mr Gallo?' Elseron said speedily opening his eyes. Pilot closed his mouth and Elseron clearly saw rage and fear lance across his fine angular features, his heart rate quicken beneath the soft silk of his shirt and for the briefest of moments, he thought he saw his eyes flash a strange muddy crimson. 'I told you when you first arrived here Mr Gallo; I would always have my eye on you. Now go see to Melody if she has finished with Dante.' Pilot stood still in his place from several long, stretched out moments. 'You have already maddend me tonight dark dweller, follow my orders or else there is going to be severe consequences.' With that Pilot stiffly and without a word moved off leaving Elseron in the long corridor on his own, at least until he looked down to Atlas's door and found Phaedos stood there stock still with his hands behind his back.

Elseron sighed as he looked at the young Demi-God. I was suspicious of him at first too, now he's one of only two people I trust in this bloody place. 'Did you let Pilot into her Majesty's room?' he asked from the end of the corridor.

'No Sir Elseron, no one has entered past me without your or her Majesty's given concent.' That's what I was worried about. Elseron said to himself wiping his brow with the back of his hand, that meant Atlas let him in secretly. Oh Atlas my Little Princess...

'Very good Phaedos I will see the Queen...' a girlish scream rocketed through the house. The high pitched wail setting Elseron's teeth on edge, flashing back to the days when Atlas used to scream like that as a child. Spinning Elseron glanced around the surrounding area. Nothing. 'Phaedos go in there and don't let the Queen from your sight! And don't let anyone in until I return!' in a flash Phaedos bolted into her room just as Elseron began sprinting down the halls of the grand mansion looking for the source of the scream. It's coming from the floor above! Charging up the elegant marble stairs like a stampeding rhino he heard several other smaller screams shatter across the wooden floorboards, along with shouts he recognised all too well. 

Skidding to a halt in front of Elve's bedroom door he ducked as an elegant tortoiseshell hairbrush flew past his ear. Elve was standing behind her bed holding several objects menacingly in her hands whilst Arisa cowered at the bed side, when her warm amber eyes found Elseron she let out a squeal of relief before sprinting to him, wrapping her arms around his legs crushingly. 'What the hell is going on here!' he bellowed as Elve raised a strange glass container over her head.

'Elseron we have a thief! This filthy little orphan was going through my things! I found her in here trying on my rings and necklaces!' raged Elve as her hair shook ridiculously from side to side as she shouted.

'Elseron I'm sorry I was just exploring and I wanted to try them on! They were pretty! I wasn't going to steal them honest!'

'Be quiet!' throwing the glass bottle at the small vampire Arisa let out a small screech. Ducking down Elseron caught it in his hand much to the shock and horror of Elve who looked like he had just hit her across the face. With a the gentlest flexing of his hand Elseron crushed the bottle to dust, throwing it's remains onto the floor as its contents mixed with the small nicks and cuts on his hand.

'Elve who do you think you are attacking a little girl!' Elseron bellowed and thankful Arisa, for once, didn't correct him. 'She is under the protection of the Throne of Atlantis and more importantly me! Granted she shouldn't have come into your chambers with permission,' he said with added emphasis looking down at the tiny dark dweller that still clutched to his legs. 'But this is no way to react!' he shouted again at Elve. 'Arisa apologise to Lady Oaken.' Slowly Arisa looked to her attacker.

'I'm sorry for going through your things.' she said softly.

'Good. Elve apologise to Arisa.' that really was the final straw. Elve turned bright red and screamed a string of words that made little to no sense to him so he simply took Arisa's hand and lead her from the room. 'Oh and Elve.' he said pausing at the door. 'You are not to speak to Atlas anymore without my permission. Understood?' the second perfume bottle smashing against the wall beside his head was enough of an answer he needed before he shut the door on her and began leading Arisa down to the main floor.

'I'm sorry Elseron...'

'I gave you permission to explore the house not enter rooms and sift through the personal possessions of its occupants!' he scolded the dark dweller looking down at her, the look on her face broke his heart. She looked so like Atlas at that age, if it wasn't for her flaming red hair they could have been sisters. 'But...Lady Oaken's reaction was reckless and dangerous. I'm sorry for that Lady Kayne.'

'It's alright.' she said simply with a broad smile. 'How old are you?' laughing loudly at the question Elseron looked down at the small woman that clutched his hand as if it were her last life line in this world.

'For a woman as old as you say you are Lady Kayne you have the bluntness of a child.'

'I'm just curious. I bet I'm older than you!' she smiled wickedly.

'And how old are you?'

'One hundred and fifty!' Elseron smiled.

'Double that and add forty-five. That's how old I am.' it took her less than a second to do the math.

'Three hundred and forty five!' she bellowed loudly causing three guards stood by the entrance to the grand plate glass conservatory to turn and look at her. 'Can I help you?' she asked them confidently. The guards laughed slightly before returning their gaze back out onto the grounds. 'How can you get that old?'

'By eating your vegetables.' he joked with a small smile.

'I'm serious!'

'By surviving, by practising with a blade everyday of your life until you can predict your opponents moves before they even make them. By being lucky most of all.' tearing his hand from her grip Elseron stopped and looked down at the small vampire as she stepped in front of him. 'I need to go, I have duties to perform and...people, to scold. I may come for you in the next few hours. I think it's time you meet her Majesty properly.'

'Okay!' she smiled broadly.

'And Lady Kayne...I'm...I'm sorry for how I treated you when you first arrived. I...I should have talked to you before judging you.' the small girl just shrugged.

'It's alright. You're worried for the Queen. I understand. Bye bye Elseron.' she said waving before skipping down the corridor to her room, her new dress glowing in the artificial lights along with her hot crimson hair.

The End

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