Arisa walked around the house, playing with the bow of her new dress. The lycan had found a good one, that is for sure. She was impressed. And it felt so good to get out of his shirt.

Staying in Melody's room had been nice, very peaceful, but she was worried for the girl, she had been a little off when she had talked to her last. She knew Dante was training the girl, but was he being to rough with her? She was still very young.

Arisa paused as she approached the section of the house she had burned, the walls still black with soot. She felt so bad for burning the lady's house when she had been nice enough to let her stay here. She needed to control her temper, if not then how could she stay? She would have to leave, just like she had for all these years.

She touched the darkened wall, her hand blackened with ash. She had to make it up to her. If not, how could she live with herself?

Arisa thought back to the night her fire first appeared, the night she had found her way back home. Her mother and father had been so happy to find her but when they asked her questions about where she had been, why she had been gone so long, and they wouldn't let her get a word in edge wise, she blew up, destroying the house she had lived in for years. Her parents died in that fire, her younger siblings too. But she had survived, standing in the middle of an inferno, untouched by it's burn. The memory of the screams made her heart ache, just the thought of her family, unable to escape, killed by their own little vampire.

She heard somebody clear their throat behind her. She turned to face the man, the one that hadn't wanted her to stay. She narrowed her eyes, crossing her arms across her chest. She looked more like a doll than an angry vampire. "Come to tell me to leave?"

The soldier shook his head. "I'm sorry about that... It's just that we don't need any risks. Our job is to protect our queen, not take in children in danger."

"I am not a child, how many times must I tell you people that. I may look like one, but I am not."

"How could I know that by first glance? You looked like nothing more than an orphan girl."

Arisa's amber eyes flashed. "You should learn that appearances aren't everything... I have." She smiled. "I thought Dante was going to eat me when I first met him..."

Those blue eyes seemed to soften just a touch. "I doubt he would do that."

She shrugged. " I always thought all lycans where the same, I was proven wrong." She looked at the burned floor. "I'm sorry, by they way, for almost destroying your home...."

"It's alright, it was an accident."

"I will work on controlling my temper from now on ok?"

"I wish you luck with that."

She smiled, her face all childish curiosity. "Do you mind if I go exploring?"

The warrior smiled, very slightly but it was a smile. "I don't see why not."

The little vampire smiled from ear to ear, rushing to hug the man around the waist. "Thank you!" She chirped before dashing down the hall way, red-hair flying.

The End

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