Melody: Training, Round twoMature

Melody's muscles screamed at her as she opened her eyes. It was dark outside and it wasn't just her muscles that hurt, various parts of her body where she'd gained cut and gash's hurt as well.

Dante wasn't kidding when he said he wouldn't go easy on me Melody thought as she slowly sat up in the bed. Then she took in her surroundings more.

Oh” she uttered out loud. She was in Dante's room. How...sweet she searched for the word. She stood up and noticed the small pile of new cloths on a nearby table and got changed as fast as she could. Which wasn't very fast since she kept wincing everytime she moved a limb to sharply.

Melody remembered how her dad would say the first work out hurts the most, but if you keep at it then your body adjusts. If you give up then it hurts twice as much the second time you decide to attempt it. So she stood up and searched for Dante but ran into Arisa first. She was skipping with a big smile on her lips, she noticed me and turned with a big grin.

Dante got me a pretty dress!” She exclaimed, twirling so Melody could see the purple material that fell to just below her knees.

Yes, it's beautiful” she replied, resisting the urge to reach out and fix a strand of her fiery hair.

Hehe. Are you okay? You didn't look too good when I saw you last” She said, concern touching her expression.

I'm fine, no pain, no gain right?” Melody said as she walked off, sending a small wave Arisa way. She waved back and continued her skipping.

She found Dante already outside in the same clearing.

So you came back for round two?” he asked

Of course I did” she replied with a small smile, “Nice dress you bought Arisa by the way” She added. Dante shrugged like it was nothing.

Apparently I owed her a dress, her logic is strange” Dante said gruffly, causing Melody to let out a small laugh.

Let's go then” Melody said with a grin. It wasn't all that much different from last time. Dante was quick to dodge all her attacks and send her flying across the field. Her muscles were stiff at first but it didn't take long for them to loosen up, she found her movements a lot more fluid than last time. All the same, Melody was extremely grateful they were doing this on grass.

Melody launched herself into another attack, aiming a punch into Dante stomach. Dante threw out his arm stopping her fist. She instantly raised her knee instead and got him. He was breathless for a few seconds, surprise crossing his face alongside what Melody thought was a small, proud smile then she was thrown back into the ground, face first in the dirt.

She stood up quickly and ran aiming to kick, and expecting him to throw her away. As he raised his foot to kick her she grabbed it and used it her momentum to pin him to the ground. Causing Dante to let out a small yell of surprise, Melody couldn't stop the bubble of laughter over what she managed to do. They stayed that way for a few seconds, trying to catch their breaths.

Not bad” Dante said breathlessly, “For a beginner” he added. Melody gave him a mock glare then stood up, ready for more.

Once again Melody gained various cuts, a few deep enough that had she still been human she would've panicked and raced to the hospital. But she'd gotten Dante a few times too, so she considered today an overall success. And she hadn't collapsed afterwards. She was still embarrassed about that. The first thing she did when she got into her room was to undress and shower. Her mind thought back to when she'd pinned Dante, the shock on his face was priceless.

When she emerged from her room clean and dressed she saw Pilot. Of course, she thought, my day isn't over yet.

You look exhausted” He commented before taking her into the city again. Melody noticed one of Lycan eyeing her and Pilot. She hoped Fenrir wasn't getting suspicious of her. She couldn't worry about that for long as Pilot grabbed her wrist and dragged her after him when she'd fallen behind.

Let me go” Melody said, pulling her wrist back. Pilot raised an eyebrow up.

You shouldn't have the strength to escape that grip yet” he said, studying her

Oh” Melody replied, no idea what he wanted her to say, in the end Pilot shrugged it away.

Your clearly improving” he said. Leading the way and acting indifferent. Whilst Melody tried not to grin at the sort of compliment. 

The End

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