Let the Training beginMature


                “No, you don’t need to fight anyways,” Dante told her.

                Melody looked up at him with her big blue eyes, making weak in the knees for a second. “Please, I need to know how to at least defend myself. Pilot refuses to teach me that, all we do is feed.” She quivered her lower lip with the final word.

                “Ugh, really, you’re making that face,” She’s really cute when she does that. Rolling his eyes, “Let me think about it for a minute.” Walking around her, studying her like a professor studies an ancient Greek statue, Dante thought to himself, She really is a gorgeous girl, all the right curves in just the right places. “Alright,” he watched a light like the sun shine bright behind her eyes as a huge smile spread across her face. “But,” it dimmed a little, “You don’t EVER fight without me unless I’m there to make sure you don’t lose your pretty little head.” Pointing a massive finger at her, “Understand.”

                Melody let out a childish squeak as she jumped up and hugged him around the neck. “Thank you thank you thank you,” she said it so fast Dante almost thought it was one word. Letting go and dropping to the ground, “When can we start, I’m dying to learn how to kick lycan butt.” She kicked high enough to get Dante in the chest.

                He laughed very deeply, something that sounded like it was coming from the center of the earth, “I like your spirit, but you might not like what you have just requested.” Turning serious at that point, “I’m not going to go easy on you, I can match a wolf in every dimension: speed, strength, agility, even fighting tactics; not like they have much tactics. They just keep coming till either your dead, or they are. Sometimes if you scare them enough, they’ll take off.” Thinking back to when he first met Elseron and Atlas, “I took on a dozen lycan the night I met the queen and her champion, trying to make sure they weren’t found. I killed six of them in just a couple of minutes. Knowing their advantage was nil, they took off.” Thinking about the time, he figured he should ask, “When do you wanna start?”

                This almost took her by surprise, “Umm, as soon as possible.”

                “Go change into something you don’t mind ruining. Then meet me out in the clearing a quarter mile past the court yard. You know where I’m talking about?” She nodded. “Alright, be there in 10 minutes, or you’ll be sorry.” He turned and started for the door, “Better run little girl.” She bolted for her room. If she comes back for another round after this, I’ll actually teach her how to defend herself. He went for the quick jog to the place he was about to turn into his sparing ground. Stopping at the current guard commander, he let him know that if any of his guards interrupted him, he couldn’t guarantee their lives would be safe.

                Getting there with about five minutes till Melody was supposed to show up, he found a low hanging branch and proceeded to take his clothes off so they didn’t get ruined. “No point in ruining these when I know I’m going to have to carry her back, no way she’s going to make it till dawn,” he said out loud to no one in particular. Counting the minutes by in his head, There she is, a twig snapped at the other end of the clearing.  “You’re lucky, you have 30 seconds left,” he hollered over his shoulder.

                “Sorry,” she was breathless, Perfect. “I had to find something to wear.” She came into the clearing wearing a tight tank top and a tight pair of sweats. Those aren’t going to last too long.

                He stepped out of the forest edge, naked as the day he was born. “Let the training begin. You’ll have to get past my nakedness, whenever you fight one, they probably won’t have clothes on.” He stepped up to her, looking down, “Good luck, I’m pushing you out of the nest, and for your first lesson,” he stuck out his hand grasping hers, giving her a firm shake. “Don’t trust your opponent,” he threw her over his shoulder, across the clearing.

                She landed in a heap, Dante wondered if she was up for more. “You bastard, why the hell did you do that? Mind you, I’m tougher than the normal girl, but still…”

                “So now you know not to expect battle to be fair,” he released about 40% of his power, allowing it flow through him and strengthen him, in overall numbers, he was a wolf lycan in every way. “Now remember what I told you about fighting lycans, never turn your back on them, or any enemy for that matter.” He charged at her, claws out and teeth bared. Melody narrowly escaped a slash across the abdomen. She turned and tried to launch her own attack, rushing him foolishly. Jumping up to kick him in the face, he grabbed her leg, smashing Melody head first into the ground. “Pilot was right. You’re not ready for this, what kind of vampire doesn’t have super speed? I shouldn’t be able to track you with my eyes.” Rising to her feet again, “I see you have spirit though, I’ll give you that.”

                They kept this up for a few more hours, Dante sending Melody flying, and every time she would get back up. The sky was just beginning to lighten up when Dante figured she could take no more. “Enough, dawn’s approaching, and you can barely stand,” he stated simply as he walked towards his clothes.

                As Dante pulled his shirt over his head he heard, “I’m not that strong.” Looking to where Melody was standing, he saw her crumpled up in a pile, like a shirt carelessly thrown on the ground. Rushing to her side, he picked her up in his arms and started towards the mansion.

                Looking over her, he noticed the clothes she started in were now nothing more than rags, barely hanging on her slender frame. The shirt that covered her entire torso now barely covered her chest, and even that was slim. She had originally started in workout sweats, he had caught her in the thigh and ripped them off of her. She now only had her pink underwear on, and those were cut as well. I’m going to have to buy her some new clothes if we keep this up, she'll go through clothes almost as fast as I do. In terms of body damage, she will be sore for a day or two, even with her accelerated regeneration granted to those of her race. He was fairly certain she had some broken rips and a dislocated hip, which she had popped back into place on her own. He had racked up the side of her leg and across her abdomen, blood now barely trickling when earlier it was gushing. Her beautiful face was bruised and dirty, he knew it would be fine when she woke up, but still it pained him to see her this way. She asked for it, he said to himself, At least now I know what I have to teach her, if she comes back of course.

                Out of close to six long hours, she had managed to get him once, one good heel to the temple. He had gone for a feign to the left and try and take her on the side, but she had side stepped and got him quicker than he anticipated. He didn’t know if he had ever been more proud of someone in his life. It stung when she did it, but she had paid for it with her sweats. “Miss Melody, you have a long way to go, but you have such potential. I’m proud that I can call you my pupil, I just hope you decide this is worth it,” Dante said to the unconscious young woman in his arms. He heard her murmur in his arms, not opening her eyes or moving her mouth, maybe it was just the fountain.

                They had returned to the mansion and were just about to enter the building when sun crested the mountain behind him. Dante quickly pulled Melody into him, shielding her from the sun. Barreling through the door with his shoulder, bending the hinges inward, he got the girl into the shade. Knowing that the little girl Arisa was still in Melody’s bed, he headed for his own room.

                Nudging the door open with his foot, he sat her on the unkempt bed. Quickly going to the window and shutting the blinds and curtains, the sun hadn’t quite made its way to his room yet, but it wouldn’t be long. Going to the small sink in his room, he filled it with hot water as he found a brand new shirt and tore a few strips out of it. Soaking one he went to clean up the little girl as best he could.

                After cleaning up Melody and accidently tearing off what was left of her shirt, he pulled the covers up to her chin and sat on the edge of his bed for a moment. There was a rustle at the door, looking up, Dante saw little Arisa standing in the door wrapped up in a blanket. “Um, Dante,” she looked embarrassed, “the rest of my clothes didn’t really stand up to my fire. You wouldn't happen to have a clean shirt I could use till you get me a new dress, would you?”

                Dante seemed puzzled by this little woman’s statement. “I’m getting you a new dress?”  Getting up he grabbed another new shirt and handed it to the woman-child, he turned his back as she pulled it on. Dante couldn’t help but laugh at the sight, his shirt draped over her shoulders and hung just inches off the floor; the sleeves hung down past her elbows, and he thought that shirt might be a bit tight for his liking. “So why is it I’m getting you a new dress?”

                “It’s simple really; I was in YOUR care when it got ruined. Ergo you owe me a new dress.” She said it with a tone that almost sounded like she said duh in there at the end.

                “That doesn’t make any sense, but I guess I can do that for you; if you do me a favor.”

                “Uh, fine, what do you require?” She crossed her little arms and stuck her nose in the air.

                “I know this girl has some different clothes in her room, the room you were just staying in. Go get her a decent change please. I kind of, well, ruined the ones she was wearing.”

                “Fine, I guess I can do that, but this dress better be pretty. Ask for a mother to help you pick it out.” Arisa got a little fiery at the end.

                “Thank you,” he grabbed his coat and headed for the door, “Don’t burn down the estate while I’m gone would ya.”

The End

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