Melody: Watching over the childMature

 “Poor thing” Melody said as she carried the small form to her room. Seeing as Melody avoided sleep wherever possible it made sense to let the small vampire rest in her bed.

Will she be okay?” Atlas asked from the doorway.

I should think so, though Pilot would know more than me” Melody replied with a small shrug, gazing at the small, resting face.

You seem to care a lot for a stranger” Atlas commented, moving into the room.

I always wanted a little sister” Melody shrugged, slightly embarrassed by the confession.

I only had an older brother and we didn't talk much, or get along to be honest” Melody admitted, recalling the reason she had fallen out with her mother. Yet again she had let Melody's brother get away with bullying another child. It had frustrated her that her brother Will got away with everything, but god forbid she make a mistake. She pushed those thoughts away, it wasn't fair to think ill of the dead.

Did you have any siblings?” Melody asked

No, I'm afraid not, I was an only child” Atlas said, approaching the bed to watch the steady chest movements of the child. Doesn't look like she suffers from nightmares Melody thought with a sigh.

Melody wanted to say how lonely it must've been being an only child, but Melody thought Atlas might not appreciate the suggestion. Atlas struck her as a queen that liked to remain calm and collected at all times.

Fenrir still believes I'm working for him” Melody said, Atlas' golden eyes snapped to meet her ocean ones.

Are you sure of this?” Atlas asked

Yes, when I went into the city last, one of his goons approached me. Fenrir may suspect I have uncovered your location, but I know the longer I wait to go see him, the more he may become suspicious of me. But Pilot refuses to train me, I don't mind who's teaching me to fight. I just want to take advantage of Fenrir ignorance while it is still present” Melody replied. Atlas considered her words carefully.

Ask everyone, one of them is bound to be willing to teach you the skills required” Atlas walked towards the door and paused with her hand on the doorway.

And Melody, be careful. Fenrir is not someone to be underestimated” With that she left Melody to watch Arisa sleep peacefully. Melody wasted a few more minutes fussing with her blankets and pillows, making sure she was comfortable. Then she left in search of Dante. She hoped he would be willing to teach her to fight, though in the back of her mind she wished there was a way he could go into the dragon's den with her.

But she was the only one being afforded this opportunity, she was going to take it.

The End

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