Not so warm welcomeMature

This house is HUGE! The little vampire followed Melody and the lycan as they moved through the halls. Everything was so beautiful and clean. Well, except for the few rooms they had passed that had been torn up.

"Where could we find you some clothes...." Dante seemed to be thinking out loud. But that was a good question, where would they find her something to wear? She would be much smaller than most people that were here, unless there was a child in the house.

Walking through the halls, Arisa could smell many different scents, some odd ones that didn't make sense. She wondered just how many people were in this house. And how many would actually want her here. It seemed so empty.

Dante slowed to a stop, his blue/yellow  eyes locked on something up ahead. "Elseron."

Arisa looked up. A man stood at the end of the hall, hard blue eyes glinting beneath his white hair.

"We do not run an orphanage, Dante..."

"She was in trouble. I brought her here to be safe."

"No, I will not have a child involved."

"Elseron, she won't be any trouble..." Melody said, stepping closer to me, a hand on my shoulder.

The older warrior frowned. "Did you not hear me? A child will not be allowed! She will not be put in front of her Majesty! We cannot handle a child in this house!"

"HEY!" Arisa stepped in front of the two, her amber eyes swirling with yellow and dark red. "I can speak for myself." She looked at the man. "Do I not get a say in what I do?" Her eyes sparked dangerously.

"No! Not when your direct involvement  jeopardizes the lives of people around you! We cannot survive up here and keep you safe!"

"Dante was kind enough to save me from something I could not handle on my own, I did not ask him to bring me here. I was told I would be welcome and safe.  Are you saying I was lied to?"

Those blue eyes flickered to Dante's face. "Yes well... Dante has a habit of saving people. And no, you were not lied to, but my point stands, we cannot accommodate children!"

Arisa smiled sweetly, her eyes sparking. She could sense the age in his body, the knowledge in his voice. He was a warrior, one that must have seen much in his time.  "You have some years of experience, do you not? You are a warrior, that is easy enough to tell... but how could you tell me, a girl, that you do not wish for me to stay, that I am a danger to those around me, when in truth, you have no idea as to what I am capable of..." By the end, her voice was a whisper, her eyes glowing in her anger. "You know nothing of me or who I am!"

Dante set a hand on her shoulder, strong and cautious. He could smell her  fire as it burned inside her small body, ready to explode. But did this strange warrior know what was waiting just below the surface?

"I am a warrior, I am trained to defend and protect those I care about and who's care is entrusted to me. I will not have a child's death on my conscience!"

"I AM NO CHILD!" She snarled, letting her fire rage.  The flames swirled around the hall, licking at the walls, scorching the floor. The heat rippled through the air, the group falling away from her. "I am a woman with a child's face, a vampire trapped in a useless form! I am stronger than you think and I am just as dangerous as you or Dante! Do not underestimate me!" She let her anger burn, the power she had been given when she was turned. Uncontrollable, as reckless as a wild fire, she hadn't felt it's burn for years.

The warrior's face froze for just a moment, his back straightening defensively. This child was setting the house on fire but remained untouched by the hungry flames. And those eyes, they glowed like burning coals, bright and hot, consumed by the fire.

"What is going on here?" A silver-haired woman stood behind the warrior, her eyes shocked by the fire but she kept her regal stance, watching the child in the fire.

Arisa's  anger faded, the fire dying down to smolder at her feet. This woman was beautiful, her hair so long and flowing, and those eyes, those pale, honey eyes. It made the little vampire feel so inferior, so childish in her presence.  Arisa felt ashamed. This woman must have owned this house and here she was, trying to burn it to the ground in her anger.

She lowered her eyes. "I'm sorry... I lost control..." She sank to the floor, wrapping her arms around her little form. "I'm sorry..." She felt the tears run down her cheek as the exhaustion set in, she had used all of her energy, her fire had burned it all away. She felt so tired. "I'm so very sorry..." She murmured once more before her body slumped to the ground, unconscious.

The End

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