New places, new facesMature

Arisa stayed near the lycan, always cautious of anyone around her. He may have saved her from that freak, but that didn't mean she could trust him completely. She had trusted a lycan once, and regretted every moment she had spent with him. She wished she could find that damn wolf and slit his throat. He didn't deserve to live.

A young, dark haired vampire greeted them at the door, a look of curiosity on her face. "Hello, my name's Melody."

"Arisa." I kept my voice respectful. She was young, but in human years she was older, she would be physically stronger than her, faster than her.

"Pretty name." She said, a smile spreading across her face.

"Thank you, it's nice to meet you."

"Likewise." She gave the lycan a questioning look, no doubt wondering where he had found a vampire with a child's face.

"She was in trouble, I helped." Thanks, make me look helpless....

The place seemed friendly and the young vampire was kind. And the old house was drenched in different scents and sights, pulling at her childish curiosity. It disgusted her that she wanted to run off and explore every room, every hall. She was no child.

And why did she let that lycan hold her hand as they walked?  She should have been running scared. She was still shaken by the human man in that ally, and this lycan, Dante, Dante is his name I do believe, he saved her and brought her here, but was she really safe with him?

The girl, Melody, she seemed nice, young and naive. The way she spoke to her reminded Arisa that she was older, and that girl knew it. Good. If she dares to talk down to me....  Most likely, she was older than anyone else in the house.

I feel disgusting.... Arisa pulled at her torn and dirty dress. And this was my favorite one too... She frowned at the ruined fabric, the once spotless white splashed with grim, the pale green border ripped away. I hope he dies... This dress was expensive....

"How about we go sit in the lounge and wait for the others?" The sweet girl suggested.

Arisa looked over her soaked shoes,  her curly hair was ruffled and falling out of the pretty green bow she had tied it in. "Um.... Is there any way I can get some new clothes before I see any one else?" She looked up at the lycan, her amber eyes full of child-like sweetness. "I wouldn't want to look like an orphan, now would I?" Who knows what is in here..... By the look of this house, the owner might not want a street urchin running around....

The lycan smiled down at her. "Let's see what we can do..."

The End

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