Melody: Your not readyMature

She tried not to watch as his naked form retreated down the corridor. She looked up as Pilot made a sound of annoyance.

That lycan should watch himself from now on” he growled through clenched teeth.

That lycan is my friend” Melody replied, a slight glare touching her expression. Pilot considered what she said and shrugged.

Why should I take that fact into account?” He said, walking off. Melody followed, holding back a few choice curse words.

Because-” Melody began

It's charming how you wish to defend the mongrel, Melody, but you're a little inexperienced to be pitting yourself against me" Pilot interrupted. Melody didn't try to disguise the glare she aimed at his back. Pilot let out a small laugh. So he finds my anger entertaining, maybe I should show him how entertaining it really is, Melody thought. Which reminded her of one of the many thoughts that circled her head the other night.

Pilot” She began somewhat nervously. He merely glanced at her over his shoulder, continuing to lead the way to who knows where.

Would you be able to train me to fight as well?” She blurted out, causing him to pause his foot steps. He turned around and just studied her. Melody tried not to fidget under the emerald gaze.

Your not ready” he stated, then turned to keep walking. Melody stood bolted to the spot.

E-e-excuse me?!” she stuttered out

I said, You. Are. Not. Ready” he repeated with what could only be called a patronizing tone.

And on what grounds do you justify that sentence?” Melody asked, her face going red with anger.

On the grounds that I said so” Pilot replied, “Now let's go” He said, firmly ending the conversation.

Melody followed in silence. Fine she thought, if you won't teach me I'll just ask Dante, he's already given me advice. He properly knows more about fighting a lycan than Pilot does Melody thought. She knew in the back of her mind that she was being spiteful and childish towards Pilot. But she was sick and tired of everyone but Dante acting like she was a helpless baby.

Pilot's lesson was the same as last time. Only the guards didn't hesitate to let them out. She was surprised at how much easier it was getting to ignore the guilt each time. She hoped that didn't mean she'd grow to be heartless like some of the vampires she has run into. Cough, cough she thought sending a small glare to Pilot.

Melody was wandering the corridors she had already memorized a hundred times in boredom when she heard the door open. She walked there to find Dante holding the hand of a little girl, but Melody knew instantly she was no child. And that she wasn't human. One quick look told her this girl, no, women had been through many terrible ordeal's.

Hello, my name's Melody” she said simply, simplicity always helps Melody thought.

Arisa” she replied

Pretty name” Melody said with a smile.

Thank you, it's nice to meet you” the child-like voice was a complete contrast to the polite and collected way she spoke.

Likewise” Melody said, she gave Dante a questioning look.

She was in trouble, I helped” He replied plainly. Well of course he helped, Melody knew him well enough to know he hated seeing people suffer. But she knew it wasn't her place to ask exactly what trouble he was referring to.

How about we go sit in the lounge and wait for the others?” Melody suggested.

The End

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