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                After putting some clothes on, he decided he needed a beer. Right now, he couldn’t bring himself to face Melody. At least not right now. Dante headed out of the estate, letting Elseron know he would be back later that evening. Dante headed toward Seattle, it would take him an hour to walk to the city limits and another to get to his friend’s bar.

                Walking through the door, he felt more at home than he had in a long time. “Hey Mac, can I get the biggest tankard of brew ya’ got.” Dante put his trench coat on the back of a chair near the bar, “It’s been awhile old friend.” Pulling out a stool, he took a seat at the bar. Mac came around the bar with a big pitcher of beer.

                “Well where ya ben hidin me boy,” Mac asked with a cheerful grin. Putting down a large mug for the large man in front of him, “Nap said ya were on your way here, then you showed up at his place in rags, grabbed yer bag and left in a hurry. I feared ya moight be runnin fer yer life.”

                “Well, let’s just say that I found friends who could use my abilities.” Lowering his voice to barely a whisper, “Did you hear about that night all those lycans died,” Mac nodded, “That was me and one of my new friends.” With that he took a rather large gulp of beer. They talked like that for a couple of hours; eating, drinking, and laughing. “Time I best get back my good friend, I won’t wait so long next time I come back.”

                Mac tossed him a couple beers, “Fer the road friend. As long as ya kill as many of those bastards as ya can, you can drink here all ya want.”

                Dante nodded, “You may have just signed yourself up a large debt, cause I can drink.” With those words he let out a bellowing hearty laugh, “Thanks for the beer old man.” He pushed the door open and let it close behind him.

                The air was starting to get cold and bitter, not like Dante could care, the alcohol running through his blood was warming him from the inside out. One of these days, I’m going to bring someone to drive me back to the estate, I wanna get smashed. Scratching the back of his head, he turned toward the estate and started the long walk back.

                Was that a scream, he thought to himself, nah, I’m just hearing things. Continuing down the road a little ways, he sniffed, That’s children’s blood. Like a bolt of lightning he was flying down the street, following the scent, it took him around a corner and down a dark alley. Standing in front of him was a chunky man leaned over a small pile; the smell was coming from him. Walking closer to him, he saw in the pile was a very small girl, about the age of 10 or 11 by the look of her, but the smell of her was that of ash, like a fire that had just died out. She appeared terrified. “What are you doing,” Dante yelled at the man.

                The disheveled man finished binding the girl before looking up. “Nothing that concerns you, continue home before I make you regret it.” He reached into his coat and pulled out a machete, which was what reeked of blood, at least 10 different children had died due to that blade. This angered him; it was everything he had to not dismember that man on the spot. “Now be on your way boy,” he bent down and pulled the edge of the little girls dress up toward her waist.

                “I’m going to give you the option to save the use of your limbs,” Dante had a deadly chill in his voice. “Turn yourself into the cops right now, or touch her again, I dare you.” His fingers changed to claws in the sleeves of his coat. The man laughed and reached for the girl, “Wrong answer.” The massive man had cleared the distance in a second. Dante shoved his clawed fingers into the pedophiles’ shoulder sockets, destroying any chance that the guy could ever use his arms again. With him still on Dante’s fingers, he rushed the man into the side of a dumpster, pushing his claws clean into the metal of the dumpster. As the man started fading into unconsciousness, “Enjoy prison, I hope you last up to a year, because it’s going to be hell.”

                Returning to the small girl, he pulled out his belt knife as he knelt beside her. She shrank away from him, starting to thrash to keep him away from her. “Don’t worry little one, I’m here to help you.” She stopped squirming long enough for him to cut her binding. The little girl seemed to burst into fire; she ripped off her gag and ran to the pedophile, with a sickening pop, and stomped on his testicles.

                She turned on him, fire burning in her eyes, “Now you mister lycan, just what do you plan on doing to me now? Are you going to eat me or what? I’m not going down without a fight this time.”

                Cocking his head to the side in puzzlement, letting out a little chuckle, Dante asked her, “Now why would I save you just to kill you?”

                “I don’t know, but all lycans try to eat me,” she yelled at him.

                “Well, I was going to take you to your parents, child,” Dante told her. “What’s your name little one? If you don’t mind telling this big bad lycan that saved you life,” he said with grin.

                With a huff, “Arisa,” she said proudly, “And I’m NOT a child, I’m older than you by a lot.”

                “Coulda fooled me, how old are you then little one?” Dante asked politely.

                “150, I was turned at 12. Damn vampire got me when I was caring for my pony,” she stated simply with her arms folded defiantly.

                “So I’m going to guess you have been living on the streets then, or maybe in an abandoned house,” he thought to himself for a moment. “I know a lovely silver haired lady who would just die to meet you, would you be interested in coming back to the estate with me?”

The End

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