Melody: MemoriesMature

Melody raged silently in the dark room. The same she had been tied up in, only now there were no ropes and the chair was gone. She couldn't figure out if she was mad at Pilot or herself. Pilot's trying to help she told herself over and over. And his last point...

A dehydrated man will drink until he drowns, Melody.

She knew he was right, she'd be silly to question his advice and wisdom. You'd think whoever turned her against her will would at least have the decency to teach her all of this. Melody was sick and tired of feeling like a clueless child.

I can't resist it” She finally sighed to herself. The city wasn't too far away. Poor human here I come to be the scary creature of the night Melody laughed at her own morbid humour as she left the building. The guards didn't question her leaving or her destination. She really was grateful Atlas had given her a second chance.

The moment she entered the city though something quite unexpected occurred. But before she could investigate the weird power she had felt in the air, a random Lycan walked up to her.

Wow, we placed bets you were dead” Melody's eyes widened as she recognized him to be the one who brought her to Fenrir.

Well, I guess you shouldn't underestimate me” Melody said, then walked away, she needed to do this once and for all. She would drink without killing.

Woah! Wait up a second, we were given orders to take you straight to the big guy if you returned” He said. Oh, I see Melody thought, so Fenrir believes I'm still on his side. But even she knew attempting to go into his den and take him on alone would be a foolish idea.

You may have your orders, but I have my own needs to attend to, tell Fenrir he'll have to wait” If she played this right, she could be a great help to Atlas. She could repay her debt to her.

Before the Lycan could complain anymore Melody left him in his little alleyway to find a human.

It didn't take long to find a human wondering on his own, very clearly drunk judging from his walking. Melody hesitated before following him. The deed was done quickly. I wouldn't have been able to stop if it weren't for Dante she reminded herself. Melody left the city, thankful the Lycan hadn't approached her again. I may have to ask Pilot for fighting lessons now, Melody decided as she approached the house.

Melody wondered if she should tell Dante about Fenrir, would he agree it was a good opportunity, or would he call her stupid? Melody shook all these thoughts from her mind as she collapsed on her bed. Though sleep wasn't something she longed for. She didn't want another dream about that night. But against her will her eyelids closed and the familiar foggy feel of the memory reached her.

I hate you!” She observed her human self yell at her mother. She wished she could make this naïve Melody take back the words. Wish she could tell her not to go into the dark empty park. It wasn't empty for long.

Even though Melody was merely watching the events unfold, she could feel it's warm breath on the back of her neck. Human her turned to see nothing. At the time she assumed it had been her imagination. But this particular vampire just enjoyed playing with it's food. She kept hearing or seeing weird unexplainable things. She swore a twig had snapped nearby and that a dark shape had been walking behind her.

Human Melody eventually had enough of her strange paranoia and decided to head home. Maybe she wasn't so mad at her mother afterall. But the choice of apologising was taken from her as sharp teeth attacked her, as her consciousness faded her human self was vaguely aware of a strange tasting liquid dripping down her throat. And the very first bloodlust began. Melody looked away. She didn't want to watch this again. She wanted to wake up.

She just wanted this nightmare to end.

The End

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