Arisa ran. That was her only thought. Get away, make an escape. That other vampire could handle them. She could not.

She hated her weak form, wishing for once her fire would help her, but as always, it remained quiet and useless. If it wasn't for her temper it would probably always remain this quiet.

She felt grateful for that man's help, but she didn't dare look back, didn't dare stop. If she did, more wolves might appear. She hated them with a passion. If it wasn't for her non-existant strength she would wipe this earth of them all. She was so much older than any other vampire she had ever come across, her years totaling to one hundred fifty, so many years of being looked down upon and misjudged for her child face.

Her breath came in short gasps now, but she had run a great distance. Maybe it was safe to rest now. Ducking into an empty ally way she cast her senses out, listening, watching, smelling, attentive for anything that could set her radar off.  She hoped that man would be ok, she hadn't even been able to thank him. But she was safe now, that was all that mattered.

Arisa could hear the wolves that still prowled, but she wasn't as afraid of them, she could hear the other vampire too. He seemed slightly different now, just a bit, from when she first sensed him, the change slight and fading slowly it seem, or maybe he was just walking away? She wasn't sure. Maybe she should go find him? See if he was ok? The idea of moving into the open made her nervous, but she couldn't help it, she had to be sure...

Slower than before, she headed back to the sight of the attack, keeping her senses trained on the vampire. Would he leave before she could get to him?

she rounded the corner, the sight of the dead bodies making her blood run cold. They didn't seem to have a single mark on them, they were just.... dead, it seemed.

Looking up she locked her eyes on the vampire, shocked. Had he really done this?

"Thank you..." She murmured, unable to think of anything else to say.

He shrugged, his posture calm. "No problem..."

She hesitated. "May I ask your name?"


"Thank you for saving me..." She folded her hands in front of her, her amber eyes solemn. "I'm Arisa Raye...." She smiled softly, her face a picture of innocence. "It means a lot of me."

He just shrugged again. He didn't even know how much what he had done had meant to her....

The End

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