The littlest vampireMature

Arisa sat alone in the dark, her heart heavy. She still watched her great-grand nieces and nephews grow without ever knowing her name. She had seen them today, her brother's line. The twins were beautiful, so young and vibrant. But they would never know of their Great Grandfather's long dead sister. Even if she wasn't so dead. It hurt her to know the truth.

She still lived alone, after all these years, no one wanting the child around. no one took her seriously. But, then again, why would they? She appeared to be just twelve years of age, a sweet young child with innocence to spare. But in truth, she was a killer.

She shut her eyes against the wave of emotions. That poor young man. She hadn't meant to kill him. It was an accident. But going so long without feeding was a choice she had made. It was his fault for offering to help her.

And the Lycans. There were so many of them out any more. What were they hunting for? It wasn't a good sign. It frightened her.

And the one called Fenrir, he was ruthless. She had never dealt with him personally, but she had heard the stories. For being as old as she was, she shouldn't have been so nervous at the sound of those howls, but she was. She had dealt with a wolf once, a very long time ago. It had not ended well.

She brushed a hand through her thick, red hair, her mind racing as the wolves called out into the night. They were still hunting. Being out alone would be an unwise choice on her part. As a child, she would be easy prey, even if she was a vampire. No matter her age, she was still built like a twelve year old girl. She didn't have the speed, she wasn't super human strong. She was barely a vampire in her own mind. She was a little more that human, a little less than vampire, some where in between. And a vicious power she had yet to control by her own mind, even though she had lived with it for over a hundred years.

Arisa took off at a quick walk, wrapping her coat tightly around her. Maybe if she hurried she could avoid the wolves. The night was never kind to her, she was always in danger. A vampire scared of her own world was a thing to be ashamed of.

She wasn't so lucky.

Lycans, three of them, all muscle and bone, towering at least two feet above her barely four-foot frame. Those harsh yellow eyes turned on her, cruel smiles splitting their faces. Easy prey, she could see it in their eyes.

She turned and ran, but she wasn't nearly as fast as most vampires. They caught her easily. Her heart stopped. She was done for. Please.... please somebody find me... please help me...

All she could do was scream. And pray she could be heard.

The End

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