Melody: ThanksMature

She could still taste the blood on her lips, though she tried hard not to.

She stared after his retreating form in confusion,

Did I do something wrong?” she asked the others

Yes, and no. Fenrir killed his fiancé eight years ago, she was with child. You didn’t do it on purpose, but you did set him off. I might recommend apologizing when he comes back in, but I doubt he will talk about it.” Elseron sighed as he turned to Atlas,

Was there something you needed My Princess?”

Melody didn't pay attention to the rest of their conversation as she realised just how vile that creature named Fenrir was. She had been close enough to kill him once, but she had been a complete and utter fool. She had known something was off about him, something about his words never rang true. Now she understood why. She felt a frustrated sound escape her throat, causing the other to move towards the door and leave her with her thoughts.

How do I make all of this up to you?” Melody whispered to, the queen Melody scolded herself inwardly, as she reached the doorway.

Do not betray me” she said and hesitated before adding, “Your assistance will arrive shortly”

Then Melody was alone, she tried standing up but her legs crumpled under her. Why had she lied to them about how much she had fed? Maybe she had truly given up. But now she might have a hope. Melody decided then and there that if she was ever near Fenrir again she would wipe that irritating smirk off his face. Even if she died in the process.

Melody gritted her teeth and tried to stand up again, using the chair as a support.

What are you doing?!” Melody lost her concentration and started to fall again but the Lycan caught her and helped her back to the chair.

Is there any reason why your pushing yourself to much?” He asked. she noticed the change of cloths and considered asking but thought maybe it was best not to pry. Melody didn't want to say or do the wrong thing again.

Just don't want to be useless” she murmured looking down at the floor.

What's your name? I don't recall hearing it” Melody said, trying to change the subject to something less serious.

Dante” He replied. Melody could tell he wanted to reply to the “useless” comment.

Dante” she repeated, “Thanks again for helping me”

Melody hesitated before saying her next sentence,

Sorry for glaring at you when we first met...I was naïve about....stuff” Melody choose her words carefully, not wanting to upset him again.

It's fine, I've dealt with worse” Dante shrugged. Melody decided not to ask what he meant by worse.

Let's get this over with, your not back to full health yet” Dante said as he raised his wrist. Melody felt herself recoil inwardly.

Why are you doing this? You don't need to” she said

Someone has to, otherwise you'll die. And no offence - But I have no intention of dealing with the smell from earlier again” Melody let out a small hiccup of laughter, and realised how long it had been since she had smiled.

Thanks” She said, knowing how repetitive and silly she sounded.

The End

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