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                Plugging his nose, Dante ran through the mansion desperate to find Elseron and get permission to remove the smell from the mansion. All he could smell was decay, coming from the Vampires room. No one else was affected from the scent because he was the only one who could smell it. He had searched one half of the house without success. This meant that he was forced to go across the front of the door she was staying in.

                Still holding his nose tight, Dante strode down the hall toward the guards stationed infront of the little ones room. Getting just to the door, he retched all over, “I CAN TASTE IT.” The guards shrank into the wall trying to get away from the bear without abandoning their post. “I can’t take it anymore. You,” pointing to the guard on the left, “would you find a maid to clean this up while I deal with her. Oh, and tell Elseron I’m helping with her hunger myself.”

                “Y-y-y-y-yes sir,” the guard managed a stammering squeak, as he rushed away in the opposite direction.

                The other guard mustered up enough courage to stand in the way of Dante, “I’m sorry sir Dante. Sir Elseron said no one allowed in or out without his permission.”

                “Unless you want to be her next meal, out of the way,” the guard stood still, quivering but unmoving. This action infuriated Dante, he grabbed the guard by the shoulders and growled, “Move,” tossing the guard down the hall and crashing into the far wall. Just as he reached for the door Elseron came around the corner, “What are you doing Dante?” Yelling as he started into a sprint towards him, pulling his axe free from the ancient belt.

                “Feeding that nasty thing, I can’t take it anymore. All I can smell is her, she smells like a carcass left to rot in the sun after several days,” Dante gagged right then but kept the vomit under his Adam’s Apple.

                “What are you talking about,” taking a large smell, Elseron filled his lungs with what he thought was clean air. “There is nothing wrong with the smell of the house.” He was clearly worried for his large friends’ mental health.

                “You’re not a lycan, you don’t have as strong a smell as I do. The last time I smelt something this bad, I had a crazy wolf using necromancy on some human corpses’. I’ll tell you this much, when you rip through two dozen zombies with your bare hands, you’ll never do that again. Please, I can’t take it anymore. How do you think I found her in the first place? She hasn’t fed for the better part of 10 days.” He was doing everything in his power to keep from vomiting all over his old friend.

                “How do you plan on feeding her without dying yourself?” Elseron looked at Dante with bewilderment at his friends’ story in his eyes, and worry on his face.

                “The gene that makes me lycan, makes her a vampire. Kinda, it’s not that simple.” Rubbing his scruffy face and biting his finger to try and keep the nausea down. “I have a gene that sets me aside from the human race. She has a different, yet similar gene that makes her a vampire. I’m the only one in this whole mansion that can’t get turned by her venom. Found that out when a lycan hired a vampire by the name of Gramtag to kill me; I swear, if I ever find that son of a bitch, I’m going to rip his teeth out of his head. Bastard ripped a chunk out of my back with his teeth, took off when he found out I wasn’t going to die a painful death, haven’t seen him since.” He watched shock spread over Elserons’ face. “I’m going to let her drink some of my blood, that way she’s fed, stench goes away, and I’m not puking all over the mansion.” Elseron just nodded and followed poor Dante into the room.

                The smell was unbearable, Dante found the nearest thing he could puke in, which appeared to be a priceless vase of unknown origin, maybe Atlantean, he didn’t know. Setting the vase down, he walked over to the young woman and grabbed the back of her hair pulling her head back, she was so weak he actually felt sorry for her. Flipping her bottom lip down revealing blackened gums and fully elongated fangs, “She’s close to dying,” reaching for the knife at his belt, “What did you say her name was again?”

                Trying to remember, Elseron ran his fingers through his snow white hair, “Melody.”

                Nodding in response, Dante cut the flesh on his right forearm, instantly bringing her attention forward. “Now listen hear Miss Melody, you have gone far too long without any sustenance. You can’t hurt me, but if you take a chunk out of my arm, I swear I’ll rip your head clean off your shoulders.” Giving her a little shake, she mumbled something he couldn’t understand. “Just drink, do you understand me.”

                “Yes, I promise I won’t hurt you,” the little vampire whispered. Dante cut her arms free of the restraints that bound her to the chair. He pulled his self-inflicted wound up to her face as she eagerly sought the warm, red blood beginning to ooze from the small slice. Melody reached up, grabbing his arm and pulling it into her, she sank her teeth into his leathery flesh, careful not to tear, just to allow more blood flow.

                After a couple of minutes the stench of decay had left and she was beginning to look, healthier, at least for a vampire. “Enough for now, I know you still need more, but I can’t produce enough to bring you back to full health and stay awake.” Grudgingly, she released him, as his arm pulled away from her she watched as the wounds knitted close, as if nothing had ever happened.

                Looking up at him, she said in the sweetest voice he had heard in a long time, “Thank you sir,” cocking her head to the side, “Aren’t you the man who spotted me in the tree?”

                “I am. You hadn’t fed in so long; you were beginning to smell like death itself. By the time I got in here, I couldn’t stomach the stench. And you’re welcome miss.” He grinned at her. “You know, Miss Atlas has taken a fancy to you. Even had her favorite guard send for someone who can help you, I think I’ve got it taken care of, don’t you.” Looking up he saw the venom in Elserons’ eyes, “I said guard, not Guardian. There is a difference there old man.” Elseron just shook his head with a grin.

                “I see you took care of our guest Dante,” the voice was like silk to his ears. He turned around to see the Queen walk in, skipping over his mess in the hallway as a maid was just now beginning to get cleaned up. “How very thoughtful of you to give your own blood so that she may feed.”

                “It was either that or we both might have perished. Ma’am, if you’ll excuse me, I need to clean something out and get some food in my stomach. Miss Melody," turning his attention back to the little vampire, "I will be back in a couple of hours so you can feed some more, I see your still not quite up to par.” Before he knew it, Melody had wrapped her arms around his waist. Chuckling to himself, he looked down at her, she was so tiny compared to his 6’6 frame and thickly muscled body. “You’re welcome Little Miss.”

                “Fenrir lied about you too, he said you enjoyed murdering anything that walked, but you just saved me, a vampire. Thank you so much.” Dante went rigid with the mention of that name.

                Barely able to contain his rage, “I’ll come back soon miss,” he growled.

                Elseron noticed what was happening immediately, went and pulled Melody off of Dante. “Go outside, and calm down Dante.” Elseron and Atlas watched as Dante’s eyes started to flicker yellow from their brilliant ocean blue.

                Turning on his heal, Dante strode out of the room, heading for the nearest exit. Shedding cloths as he shut the door behind him, stepping on the grass he let loose his rage, instantly transforming to his monstrous bear form. Dante let out a roar so powerful, it shook the foundation of the mansion itself and birds could be seen rising from all the trees for a mile round the whole estate.

                She looked puzzled, “Did I do something wrong?” asked Melody to her two hosts.

                “Yes, and no. Fenrir killed his fiancé eight years ago, she was with child. You didn’t do it on purpose, but you did set him off. I might recommend apologizing when he comes back in, but I doubt he will talk about it.” Elseron sighed as he turned to Atlas, “Was there something you needed My Princess?”

The End

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