Melody: CaughtMature

She couldn't have escaped those confines any sooner. The smell of blood had poured over her the moment she had entered and it took all her control not to attack what remained of those poor lycans. Melody was aware of the whispers as she left the city, the lycans knew of her existence now. But she wondered if she should really just find them and report back. Surly trying to integrate herself and learn of their plans would make more sense?

She shook away the thought and continued out onto the main road. Her routine was simple: sneak round the back of every building, she would use her sense of smell to determine if the lifeforms were human or non-human. If there were in fact any lifeforms. She came across an extremely desolate mansion. Yet when Melody smelled the air, something was off. She went inside to investigate and quickly found signs of people recently living there. Most of the mansion was covered in dust, but here and there it was badly disturbed. She left the mansion with her faith in her hunt renewed.

It was dark when she came across another mansion, at first she thought they couldn't be there, it's owned by someone else. Then she counted the number of guards. Whoever was here wanted to hide something big. Melody sneaked round the back as usual and found a small wooded area. Using the trees as cover she watched the guard's rotation, trying to figure out the best time to sneak into the building.

The guy nearest her at the moment was a beast of man, and his skin was littered with scars. He looked on edge and alert. He smelled like a lycan, but different. She was beginning to wonder if that Fenrir fellow had kept a few facts from her.

She heard a quiet, almost minuscule crack beneath her feet. She rushed to leap to another tree but the sound had been enough. She heard a shout from one of the guards and then movement behind and below her as she leapt from tree to tree. But her panic got the better of her and she misjudged the distance to the next tree and fell to the floor with a painful crash. A heavy weight pinned her to the ground instantly.

Let me go!” she yelled helplessly, struggling and flailing her limbs hopelessly.

The End

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