Melody: Taking the RiskMature

Trying to find these Alanteans was proving impossible. Melody did her best to eavesdrop on the Lycan conversations throughout the city, but she had yet to find a solid lead. And it wouldn't be long till the bloodlust would have its way with her. If only she could directly ask one of them. But the thought of approaching a pair of them was terrifying. She was about to give up on her self-imposed mission when she saw a lone Lycan standing outside a bar. She stood on the other side of the street starring for a while. Trying to work up the confidence to approach him.

Hi” she said, chewing her lip nervously, The man towered over her and his eyes didn't look all that friendly.

What do you want?” he spat, not even bothering to look at her as he spoke. She had intended on being calm and polite in this conversation, but she had always hated being ignored. Though it was usually self-inflicted by her own quiet nature.

I want you to look at me when you speak to me” She said with a strength she didn't know her voice possessed. She stood with her back straighter and met his scary yellow eyes with her own defiant blue ones.

Good” She said, knowing she was pushing her luck,

Now I want you to tell me everything you know about the Atlanteans” She demanded, her arms on her hips. The Lycan studied her before answering.

I'm not really interested in telling you anything, but if you really want in on the hunt, I can take you to someone who might help. That or kill you. Your risk” He said. Melody felt her confidence falter, did she want to risk her life for this? She didn't know, all she knew was that she didn't want to hurt another human.

Tick, Tock, decide quickly little vampire” He said, enjoying how unsure she was.

She had always sucked at making decisions, and she didn't want this guy to think she was weak. She was a vampire now, that meant something, she could break a man's neck without a moments hesitation if she so wished. Lycans do it all the time too she reminded herself. In fact, lycans are just as bad as these Atlanteans beings. Could she really claim to be good if she worked alongside those who took life without hesitation or guilt?

She had no idea, but she had to choose, and it had to be now.

Take me to this person” She said, trying not to think too much about the happy and evil glint in the Lycan's eye.

The End

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