Melody: AcceptanceMature

The wind chilled her skin and blew her dark curls across her face, just like it had the night that creature appeared. It was so sudden and violent, she barely had a chance to take her last, fatal breath, the last she would ever take.

Melody stared at the wide city from a high rooftop. She had always thought the thousands of lights at night were beautiful like stars, but with her new eyes she could truly appreciate the awe of them.  She couldn't deny she enjoyed the better speed, strength and sense's her alteration offered. But she was also painfully aware of every single human being walking below her. If she concentrated on any one human hard enough she could see the thin lines of delicate veins. Though she tried not to do this as it enticed her fangs to full length. She didn't want to hurt anymore humans. She could still remember the first thing she did when she woke up. It was a like a broken record she had no way of stopping. It came and went when it choose. Showing her all the people she hurt. Her parents, her older brother, the neighbours with the annoying yapping dog. It wasn't yapping anymore though, she reminded herself.

She rubbed her arms against the cold, though she knew it was pointless. She would always feel cold. She had been forced into this unlife against her will. And even if she could work up the courage to end this nightmare. She couldn't fight the feeling she would be destined for hell, and that thought more than anything terrified her.

It flared out of no where, the need for something so precious to humans. She collapsed onto her knees and covered her mouth, an in vain attempt to prevent the fangs from appearing. She knew she couldn't fight against it forever. Knew that any moment now she would lose all control and kill the nearest human being. She let out a pathetic cry as she backed away from the main street side of the roof. She glanced over another side to see a dark alley and saw a man hiding behind some bins. She watched in horror as a helpless women walked down the alley and was murdered with bloody stabs to the chest. Normally the sight of blood was enough to send her off the tracks. But this time she was in complete control as she jumped down and landed lightly behind the man. He turned and saw her for a split second before she wrapped her arms around him in a vice grip and sank her teeth into his neck. He let out a small cry of pain as she drank the red, copper liquid deeply.

She let the dead body slump to the ground. She decided if she targeted only those who were evil then it would justify the killing. But she had no way of knowing where to find evil people. She couldn't think after that because the smell of the women's still warm blood pulled her away from ordered thought.

“He isn't going to stop until he finds those Atlanteans” She overhead an approaching male voice say. She hid behind the bins just like the murderer. She peeked round and recognised the yellow eyes of two guys.

“Is it true they killed that many?” The other asked, to which the first male nodded grimly.

Melody's eyes widened, she never expected to find a target so easily. But whoever these Atlanteans were they sounded very dangerous. A petty human who stalked dark alleys was one thing. But she had a promise to keep to herself. She decided then and there that she would track these monsters down. She would make them pay for causing so many deaths.

She ran off before she could hear more, knowing only that she could accept her new world as long as she hunted those of evil intent.

The End

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