Gramtag: AtlasMature

Gramtag stared silently at the man before him; he was more composed than the usual crew. Wearing a black, pinstriped suit, he carried himself well and did not appear put off.

“We have a specific target we would like you to eliminate. Her name is Atlas”. The man passed Gramtag a picture of a young looking girl. “She recently came to our world from the sunken city of Atlantis”.

If Gramtag had had a heart; it would have skipped a beat then. Atlantis; the place Morktag had been searching for when he vanished. Maybe this girl could tell him something before he killed her.

“She is the Queen of the fallen city; her purpose in our world is as of yet, unknown. But she must be eliminated, and rumour has it you are the best assassin in these parts”.

“That is the truth. None have escaped my blade; none ever will”.

“Deliver her head to us as proof and you will receive your payment”.

“It will be done”.


Gramtag crouched on the window ledge as he stared in through; watching the girl and her guardian. They had arrived back at the hotel moments before, flustered. It appeared they had had some sort of confrontation and had narrowly escaped. They were talking in rushed voices, gesturing wildly. Their scents floated out to Gramtag; along with another familiar to him: there was a Lycan nearby.

Atlas; the girl, sat heavily down onto a seat in the room, apparently out of breath. The man paced steadily back and forth, a frown on his face. He carried an axe in his hands and a sheen of sweat coated his forehead. He stopped his pacing and said something to the girl. She nodded and then the man made for the door and left; gone to make his rounds of the hotel no doubt and ensure his queen’s safety.

The girl’s attention was elsewhere and Gramtag took his opportunity. He slid his hunting knife under the window latch and flicked it open. Pushing it up; he entered the room silently and moved like a shadow. Before she knew it; he was behind the girl, his hand across her mouth to prevent her from crying out, and his knife blade at her throat.

“You make a sound, you die. Are we clear?”

She nodded her head, careful not to prick herself on the blade’s sharp edge. Gramtag released her and moved into her line of sight. Her eyes widened for a moment and her inhale of breath was a little too sharp. 'Greetings, vampire,' she said.

Gramtag nodded, a little taken aback that she knew what he was. “How do you know that?” he kept his voice measured, yet sinister.

“I have met one of your kind before. "He lived in my city for a time."

“Atlantis you mean?” Atlas was clearly startled, “Or are you from somewhere else, Atlas?” 

She shifted uncomfortably in the chair, 'How do you know my name?'

“Finish your answer to my question first, and I shall explain all I know to you after”.

She nodded. “As I was saying, a vampire lived, in Atlantis for quite some time. He arrived there one day; said he had been searching for us for years. "Morktag, his name was; you remind me of him, actually. Though,he was quite the gentleman.You look like he did”.

“He is my brother”. Atlas did a better job at concealing her shock this time.

“That makes sense. "Your brother and I were rather good friends for a period of time; that is, up until he vanished. I've not seen him for a long time."

“And the last place you saw him was in Atlantis?”

“It was”.

“Thank you. May I ask why you are here in this world? Why you have left; when you are queen?” Gramtag took a seat on the bed and slid his knife back into its sheath; he couldn’t kill her, not if she had been friends with his brother. She seemed to notice it had vanished and relaxed a little.

“The powers warding Atlantis from the waves are failing. I need help to save my city, and I have come here to find it”.

“Do you think my brother is still in Atlantis?”

“The gatekeepers did not report him passing through; I checked with them when he disappeared. It is likely he is still there somewhere; unless he has found an alternate way to travel”.

“If he is there; and there is a danger of the city being destroyed, I will do all I can to help you and prevent his death. I cannot allow my younger brother to die; however much he says he does not require my protection”.

The door to the room opened and Atlas’ guardian re-entered the room. He gave a start when he saw Gramtag, then raised his axe. In a flash, Gramtag moved across the room and came up behind the man, his blade to the man’s throat. “No one can beat me when it comes to speed”.

“Elseron, Gramtag stop!” Atlas was on her feet, hands on her hips. They both carefully backed away from each other.

“Who is this intruder?” Elseron asked.

“This is Gramtag, brother of Morktag. He has said he will help defend Atlantis; he does not want his brother to perish. Now both of you, sit down!” They did so.

“Gramtag; you have yet to answer my question. How do you know who I am?”

“The truth, is that I was hired to assassinate you. People here don’t much like having Atlanteans wandering their streets”.

“You see!” Elseron was on his feet, “An assassin! We cannot trust him, Atlas”.

“He could have killed me several times over by now.Elseron, I know how this appears to you; I am asking you to trust that I trust him."

Elseron sat back down, but the look her gave Gramtag said he did not trust the vampire one bit.

“I had best be leaving; I have business to attend to. I will be back, but if you need to contact me, simply take this stone and think my name while holding it. I will hear. It is an old piece of magic”. He tossed a stone to Atlas who deftly caught it. She looked down at it for a moment, and when she looked up again; Gramtag was gone. 

The End

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