An Unknown AllyMature

Atlas sprinted down the street and the only thing Elseron heard of her were her footsteps pounding the hard ground as she ran. The hard slaps slowly getting quieter and quieter. Atlas my Little Princess be safe! Spirits be good please be safe! Standing proudly in the middle of the path Elseron faced his opponents, three huge wolves loomed over him, seven foot of lumbering muscle and teeth, their clawed fists clenched, jowls dripping with silvery saliva, dark hair shiny in the little light of the street. One remained in his human form, a medium sized man with mucky blonde hair and screaming green eyes he stared at Elseron with a sickening smirk stretching across his fresh pale face. 'You're brave old man,' he snickered. 'I'll give you that.' his voice was prim and proper, akin to a voice of an Atlantean gentleman.

'You're foolish if you think I'll let you get your filthy paws over my Queen.' drawing out his axe the three wolves began to growl, slowly moving their feet to give them better purchase for an attack. His shoulder screamed in protest at the great weight of his sacred weapon. But he ignored it and took stance as the wolf boy laughed to the heavens.

'Zackary kill this old fool, the rest of you get the girl. She couldn't have gotten far.' Quick as Elseron was in his prime two wolves dropped to all four before springing into the air over his head while the one in the middle charged towards him howling like a wild animal. Elseron was as fast as these wolves, but they had the advantage of strength and just sheer ferocity. Swinging his axe the gleaming silver blade slashed through the stomach of the first leaping Lycan as easily as if it were silk. Spilling its guts onto the ground cutting a dark whimper from the hairy beast. Spinning to avoid the wolf's lunge he planted himself beneath the second leaping Lycan, thrusting the blade of his axe against its sternum letting the creature’s momentum do the rest of the damage. As the two dead wolves crashed to the ground the remaining beast spun lunging a second time. Standing his ground the beast roared flashing its gleaming ivory fangs. Roaring himself Elseron held his axe ready. Wait...wait...NOW! Rolling forward he slashed the legs of the Lycan just below the knees. The furthest limb escaped with nothing more than a deep gouge from its furred flesh. The closest was dissected from the knee.

Whimpering the Lycan hit the ground as Elseron sprung from the roll and landed on his feet facing the blonde wolf boy that was still smiling even as his comrades were dead or dying. 'Impressive.' nodded the blonde boy as he removed his jacket revealing a heavily muscled chest. 'Let’s see how good you really are.' Clicking his fingers wolves seemed to melt themselves away from the walls, the shadows, the very floor that Elseron stood on. They came from twenty! Thirty! 'You were a good hunt Atlantean, time to die.' Grimacing the young man suddenly began to grow, his bones cracking beneath his skin, blonde fur sprouting from his flesh in great rippling cascades of golden hair. Before Elseron had time to blink a huge blonde wolf stood only metres away. Snarling with blood lust in his eyes. No! He shouted to himself, he couldn't die! Atlas needed him! He was her was his job to protect her. But even he had to admit, his chances of surviving this fight were bleak.

Taking stance with axe held out before him he prepared for the first attacker. A roar like no other cut through the steady rumbling growls of the Lycan's. The creature that collided with the blonde wolf was like nothing he had ever seen. Coal hit gold with a crack of breaking bones and a soft whimper as the beast picked the wolf up in its huge pawed hands and smashed him head first into the nearest wall. Cracking the brickwork of the building and sending the Lycan's skull in two pieces, his brains slowly crawling down the wall. Every Lycan in the street roared as one. Then they charged. The colossal monster roared back and threw itself headlong into the fight. Lycan’s immediately swiped and bit and tore at his Ally but if the creature felt any of them it didn't show it. Or slow down. Swinging his axe Elseron bellowed his war cry as the gleaming steel head cut flesh from bone parting one Lycan of it's head before he ducked a set of gleaming claws. Springing upright he raised the axe over his head to block an over hand strike. Kicking with all the force his body could muster at the animal’s knee it buckled and cracked, dipping its stance from just long enough for him to step backwards and bring the blade down onto its shoulder.

Slicing through bone, muscle and vital arteries. A wolf charged at him from the left. Turning to face it he raised his axe for the strike but another wolf crashed into its side. The two hunks of fur warping with the force of the impact sending both skidding down the road. Looking to his Ally he saw it clearly for the first time as he threw another Lycan into a wall. It smelt Lycan...but it wasn't. It stood head and shoulders over the wolves and was twice as broad as them too. Its fur was slicker and smoother looking than the wolfs, and then there was the clear fact. This was no wolf. It was a bear. Ten foot of roaring, hulking fury that ripped apart Lycan limbs with four inch long, jet black claws. Its sickly golden yellow  eyes found his, then it roared. How he knew it was a warning he didn't know. He didn't care. Elseron just spun slashing blindly with his axe. With a loud roar of pain the Lycan that had flanked him sunk to one knee as the blade dug into its thigh. Lashing outwards in desperation its claws ripped down his collar bone. Yelling in pain Elseron twisted the axe blade cracking its femur.

The beast roared before its whole body shuddered. Fur being singed from its body, shrinking with sharp cracks of breaking bones. Elseron stared at the naked woman that now cried in the wolf's place. 'Spare me!' she begged as tears rolled down her cheeks from her startlingly white eyes. It was just a second. That's all. A second of hesitation was all it took for her friends lunge. Bending over backwards to avoid the strike the Bear lumbered over to him and grasped the Lycan's head. Pulling it to look straight up he sunk his hand into the beast’s mouth and pulled. Dislocating the jawbone and breaking the Lycan's neck in a spray of blood. In a flash the naked woman was gripping his arm, her fanged mouth bit down hard onto his arm. The pressure was enough to snap the bone but when she detached she could see the shiny glint of the armour beneath his clothes. Throwing all his force into a spinning knee her head smashed open like fruit as his patella hit her temple perfectly in centre. 

The Bear roared as a Lycan jumped onto its back, sinking its teeth into its shoulder. Spinning and roaring in either rage or pain the Bear grabbed the wolf and pulled him from his shoulder, slamming it into the floor. It was about to deal the killing blow when Elseron took the full weight of his axe on his remaining uninjured arm and lunched it head of handle through the air. It passed by the bear with inches to spear. Its blade cracking open the Lycan's chest cavity before it could strike at the Bear. The great animal looked from the falling Lycan with his axe in his chest to Elseron. Whether it did in fact nod it’s thanks to him as it stomped on the downed wolfs head with its massive foot Elseron wasn't sure. But it grabbed his axe handle in its claws and pulled it free before tossing it through the air back to him. Catching the handle in midair Elseron moved to stand back to back with the massive bear as the remaining wolves circled them. Only five left. Only five. He said quickly glancing down at the array of dead Lycan's and their body parts he and the Bear had killed.

Its fur had a rancid musky smell to it as its course fibres rubbed against the back of his head and neck as they stood pressed back to back. 'Ready?' he asked. The Bear growled. He took that for an answer. 'GO!' kicking off from the ground Elseron ran up the Bear's back before kicking off and holding his axe above his head. Three feet above the Lycan's heads one could do nothing but die as his axe took its head from its shoulders. One charged from the right and other on the left. Parrying backwards Elseron watched the two animals briefly crash into each other before he lunged. Slicing one across the hip, but not fatally. The other grabbed the handle of his axe with a strength that defied belief. Pulling as hard as he could with one good arm it still wasn't enough to release the Lycan's grip. A huge pawed hand covered Elseron's. Its hard pads felt like sandpaper against his skin as the Bear pulled sending the Lycan staggering. Slashing outwards with its other huge paw the claws on its hand sliced the Lycan's throat as if it were butter. Sending its steaming hot blood pouring onto the slick red ground.

In the shadow of the Bear it released him and Elseron lunged as the last Lycan considered fighting or fleeing. Smashing its muzzle with the flat of the blade it staggered before the Bear picked it up by the throat, holding it out several foot in the air. I've seen that before. He realised as the two predators roared at each other. 'The man in the alley.' he whispered as the huge Bear slammed the head of the wolf into the floor smashing it apart into a million pieces, it's grey furred body falling limp to the ground. Fur instantly absorbing and congealing in the ocean of blood they had created. Both breathing hard Elseron rested his weight onto his axe, hot blood running down his collar bone beneath his chest plate, arm throbbing in pain where the woman had bit him. 'Thank you.' he said to the Bear. It stared down at him with deep yellow eyes flecked with blue, a strange alien kindness swimming behind the sun  bright  orbs. Then it began to shrink, short hair withdrawing back into hard tanned flesh. In a matter of moments a huge naked man stood in front of Elseron. Dark hair spiralling down his back in greasy curls, an un-kept beard over half his face. So many scars covering almost every part of his body.

'I've never seen anyone stand against a full pack of hunters,' said the man as blood poured down his flesh from the dozens of bite wounds over his body.

'I've never seen...well...that!' he said clumsily, the adrenaline in his system making him less eloquent than he would have liked. 'You were the one who killed the other human in the alley.' It was a statement more than anything else, so the naked man just stared down at him, not saying a word. 'I...Thank you sir.' ATLAS! the thought bound into his head like an explosion. He began to turn when the Bear grabbed his arm.

'Can I...I mean...I want to...'

'You want to help?' Elseron said quickly shrinking the handle of his axe and fitting it through the loop on his belt. 'Find Atlas! Quickly!'   

The End

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