The WerebearMature

     Dante looked into the half empty beer mug, thinking to himself, If that wolf keeps staring at me I may have to break his leg. He took another gulp when the lycan stood up and started walking toward him. This is gonna get messy, he thought to himself.

     "I recognize you," said the lycan, "your that bear abomination of our kind."

    Dante then downed the rest of his drink and asked him, "What are you gonna do about it, Wolfy."

     "I'm gonna rip your fuckin head off your shoulders." He hissed in Dante's ear.

     "You might wanna reconsider your actions, especially in public, you moron."

     The Lycan wouldn't let him be, grabbing Dante's collar and giving him a yank. "Wrong move." Dante grabbed his mug and smashed it against the lycans head. In the same motion he pulled back his hand, allowed his rage to transform his fingers into claws, then plunged them into his assailants leg, just above the knee cap, and through his femur. Wiping the blood off his fingers on the lycans pants, he pulls out a $100 bill and tossed it at the barkeep, "Sorry for the mess." Then strode out the door.


     Outside the bar, Dante wondered to himself why he had let himself loose control like that. That definatly won't score me any points with the lycan communitee. I need to leave this city and find a new place to live. I'm sick of all these mutts trying to kill me all the time. Time to move again.

The End

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