Gramtag observed the man from the shadows; gauging how he would react. As he passed; Gramtag pounced; gripping him tight around the neck and dragging him back into the shadows. He opened his mouth; and bit down hard; his fangs piercing the man’s flesh and finding the vein. He tore a chunk out of his prey’s neck and began drinking the steadily flowing blood. He savoured each morsel; enjoying his feast.

Once the body was entirely drained; he tore the man’s head off; ripping it straight off his shoulders. He enjoyed the violence. Leaving the dismembered body; he moved off down the alleyway; and he continued his earlier musings. Morktag; his brother had wandered these parts before he vanished.

Morktag had been obsessed with the myth of the Lost city of Atlantis for almost half a millennia; and 100 years prior, he had disappeared while searching for the city. Simply vanished; without a trace. Gramtag had scoured the Earth; searching for even a trace of Morktag; a whisper of his whereabouts. There was nothing to find; it was as if his brother had never existed.

Gramtag had spent the century travelling the various continents of the world; working as an assassin for hire as he continued his search for his younger brother. His employers varied; some high in the political hierarchies of the world; others just ordinary people. Some were revenge seekers; others just out of pure hatred. Gramtag didn’t judge; money was money; killing was killing. His life as a vampire was; and always had been filled with it.


Gramtag could see the fear in his contact’s eyes. He watched as the man shook; visibly cringing away. The vampire’s presence always instilled fear in the hearts of others; they never seemed able to shake the terror.

The contact’s hand extended out; an envelope held there. A shiver ran through the man as Gramtag’s fingers brushed his hand; removing the envelope containing his payment from them.

“That’s it; all ten thousand of it as agreed”.

Gramtag weighed the envelope in his hands; then slipped it into an inside pocket of his jacket. He stared down at the contact; then showed his teeth with a smile; his fangs protruding over the edge of his lips. The man began to back away; but it was futile. Gramtag lunged and began his feast.

The End

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