FREE ASSIGNMENT: The last time I saw…

The last time I saw that evil stare was the night I nearly died, the night when we had our final battle. I unsheath the knife. You have work to do, old friend. Now is the time for battle. He does the same, deadly eyes never once leaving mine. The circle ofour followers are watching with menace and admiration the same, and he says:

"May the fires of fortune burn within you."

"What goes for me, to you tenfold." I say. A sign of respect, of kindess. Behind it is the menace of two hundred years' bitter conflict. I lunge at him with the blade. He blocks it with his shield, and I slash towards his arm, which he moves up. He pushes at me with the shield, and I fall. He prepares for a final blow. I kick at his foot, and he falls forward.the blade lands next to my head. I stab him in the unprotected back, and he goes limp.

"The end has become a beginning."I say.

The End

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