AuthorToBe: Touching the reflection, I felt my hands...

Touching the reflections I felt my hands trembling. I looked so... different. I didn't have my old straight scarlet hair and blue eyes. Now I had deep green eyes and curly blond hair.  How many people looked like this now. Would Jack have the same blond hair and green eyes? 

I looked around the room I was in. 'So this will be my new house' I thought.  It wasn't that bad of a place. Yes, it was small but it was kinda warm and cozy. Shades of orange red and brown colored the house. I knew I'd have to splash some blues and puples into the bed room, but first of all I'd have to know. How much money do I have? I searched the room for any purses or safes. Finnaly I found a purse in the living room.

 Apperently my name is Jakie James, I work as a lawyer and boy did I have some money on me. Thankfully I was in law school a few bodies back so I knew quite a lot about convincing people. This body would be a piece of cake.

The End

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