Aria: I've got to follow my heart for ...

I've got to follow my heart for a dream that was once lost in my past. I will take my first steps into the new world without fear or care of what may happen. Today I will not look back on my life before, I will not be judged by you and your kind, and today I shall be free for the first time before I allow my heart shatter in the darkness of my past and future. My freedom is so far away, but so close; you say my dream is a fake and pointless. I will prove you wrong.

The light of day is breaking through the mist of darkness, this is my time. I will longer be chained down to you and your opinion of hope. I go where I can run forever, before my heart will shatter by your chaotic power, I scream until the pain that is truly not there, will stop; I will cry freely without worry or fear of judgement. Today is my day to fly away from fear, judgement, and false hope. I will follow my heart for a dream that once lost in my past.

I know because of choice, my days of freedom will be numbered, but I will spend every waking moment breaking down the walls of your city, freeing those who are lost in your under your judgement. I shall not fail, if I do...I will stand high and strong to never hang my head in shame. If I fail, I will not feel shame, I will take your punishment without tears, and I will not feel guilt because unlike those who fear your power, I did not allow my shield to break.  My days may be numbered, but I will be free from your grasp soon.

I look back to you. You're eyes still glow in the darkness of your power, and your arms that once held me in a gentle cage, no longer have power over me. I'm sorry, my love. Forgive me, but your judgement...your power no longer is my light in the darkness. I've got to follow my heart for a dream of freedom. But I still love you and for that I'll never forgive myself for what I am about to do. I shall be free without you. A dream of freedom is in my grasp and maybe one day, you shall join me.

The End

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