WindxWater: The path lead to a trail of silver pebbles.

The path led to a trail of silver pebbles. The pebbles were renowned far and wide for having divine healing properties and magic powers. Many went in search of them. They fought wild beasts and horrendous creatures in search of them. 

I was only out purchasing groceries.

My mother sent me into town to buy some bread, but along the way I went left instead of right when the road forked. I got lost and tried to go back the way I came, but got even more lost and before I knew it I had stepped into a giant plethora of silver pebbles. 

At any other time I would have welcomed such a sight, but at the time I was confused, lost, tired, and hungry. These pebbles were not going to help me get back on the right path.

Well, maybe they could. They were supposed to magical. I picked up a pebble and thought to myself, "I want that tree to turn into a bird."

The tree I had selected (a large oak on the opposite side of the path) sparkled briefly and then was gone. In its place a bird sat. It became startled by my presence and flew away.

I had an idea. I crammed as many pebbles into my pockets as possible. I then thought really hard "Take me home."

I awoke in my bed, something hard digging into my leg. What a strange dream I had. Silver pebbles, what a ridiculous thing to dream about. Everyone knew they didn't exist. 

The thing digging into my leg was really starting to bother me, so I reached into my pocket and pulled it out. A silver pebble lay in my palm.

The End

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