SpookofNight - She almost fainted when she saw fur growing on the palms of her hands ...

She almost fainted when she saw fur growing on the palms of her hands. Oh dear, she thought, this could get very messy. A romantic dinner with your first date was not a good time to start sprouting fur. Particularly when you are about a split second from kissing said date. Dammit, she thought pulling back abruptly and shoving her hands up her shirt sleeves. Her date looked up, confused and disappointed at her action. She smiled as if it was nothing, displaying perfect white teeth behind lipstick-reddened gums.

"I'll be back in a moment," she said seductively. "Don't go anywhere..."

She got up from her seat and sauntered away, smiling mischievously back over her shoulder as she went. The effect was somewhat ruined when, unable to watch her date and her feet at the same time, she nearly tripped over a chair leg. Face red with embarassment, she scampered the last few meters and whipped behind the bathroom door.

Damn! Damn, damn, damn, damn, DAMN! Why now? Why now of all times? This is just so damned FRUSTRATING! It couldn't happen later, when someone is NOT around to see it and run away screaming?

Hissing and muttering under her breath, she tore open the bathroom cabinet and whipped out a razor. After several minutes, her hands raw and red from the assault-by-razorblade and the sink full of thick black fur, she threw the razor into the bin and waltzed back to her waiting dinner companion.

"Sorry," she said, giving him a little peck on the cheek. He grinned and returned it and before long they were locked in a long, passionate embrace.

When they finally broke away, faces flushed and smeared with lipstick - she'd forgotten it wasn't waterproof - the two gazed lovingly into one another's eyes, both feeling the same, strong connection. They would meet again over the coming months, they would become sweethearts. On her twentieth birthday he would propose, they would marry on the beach beneath a glowing sunset. In the years to come they would have children, and they in turn would bring their own kids to sit on their grandparent's knees and hear tales of their youth. And through it all the connection would remain, just as strong and bright as it ever had been.

Even Yetis can fall in love, you know.

The End

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