Kaytastic: The pinwheel changed everything.

The pinwheel changed everything.  It changed the way I looked at the world through it's reflective silver and black folds, and it changed the way I looked at you.

"Where did you get that?"  you asked as I giggled and blew the triangles with my breath.  Pinwheels and bubbles are two things people can never frown at.

"I took it from your bedroom.  It looked lonely laying there by your desk.  This pinwheel wanted to feel the wind beneath its wings," I was being silly and you smiled at me.  A rare, genuine smile.  At that moment I wished I had 100 pinwheels just to make you smile again.

"Well then, it's only fitting that we take it outside," you grabbed my hand as I got up and followed you.  It's so easy to follow you- such a natural born leader.

Gently, you pulled the pinwheel from my hand at my side and held it high above your head.  The wings spun wildly in the wind, the glittery paper reflecting the sun and showering freckles of sunlight over our skin.  Again, you smiled.  This day will forever be burnt in my brain, I thought.

Suddenly, the wind broke off the top of the pinwheel and took it sailing away.  You frowned and looked at me, "There are two ways we can look at this, sister.  One- everything that is happy will eventually be broken.  Or two- that pinwheel got exactly what it wanted: to feel the wind against it's wings.  Who knows when it'll come down from the sky."  A small, barely recognizable grin crossed your lips.

I'll believe the second point of view.

The End

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