Lion: She sat on a . . .

She sat on a log and glanced around the sunlit woods, smiling serenely. "This is where I meditate," she told me, and patted the space beside her. "Come."

I sighed softly so that she couldn't hear and took a seat beside her. It was quiet except for the faint churruping of far-away birds, and the chattering of little squirrels.

"Now," Cessie continued, taking my hand, "To get in touch with yourself, you need to close your eyes and locate your inner desire."

"But why here? Why couldn't we just do this in my room, instead of hiking three miles up a mountain?"

"Because," Cessie murmured patiently, "You have to get in touch with nature." 


"You have to let the forest speak to you. Now close your eyes."

Skeptically but obiently, I scrunched my eyes shut and lowered my head. I felt her palms flat against my shoulderblades. "Now just relax," She told me.

I tried to loosen the tense muscles in my body, and to imagine only empty space in my mind. Outside the dark circle of my thoughts, the world seemed to swell with life. I could hear each tiny sound, smell each unique scent, blending together to create the scene that I couldn't see.

"Look into yourself," Cessie's voice came from far away. "Find the light inside you, and tell my what color it is."

I felt my consciousness shift and I was looking through my brain, searching for the light at the end of the spiraling tunnel that was my mind. I felt myself expanding into the outside world, the beautiful glade, and as I began to leave my body, I heard Cessie's voice again...

"Good. I think you're finally there."

The End

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