CrazyCay: Okay, THAT was weird...

"Okay, THAT was weird. . ." yelled Shelby with her Stu. Crew around her. I looked at my best friend Declan and rolled my eyes.

"Cool cat," he whispered.

"Like totally!" I said, giggling. Then, Mme. Snorts-a-lot walked in.

"Bonjour classe!"

"Bonjour Madame!" Shelby said it with a really bad britishy type french accent that made Declan and I want to bang our heads together then against a wall. She was seriously horrible. Her Stu. Crew giggled and played with their hair. They were the kind of people where if you looked in their ear, you'd be able to see your friend on the other side. Or, if you smacked them once, they lose all their braincells, i.e. one.

"Look at Andrew," said Declan, poking me and pointing at the back of the class. I glanced over my shoulder and saw Andrew, which was really more accurately named and Smoking Smith (he was gorgeous), getting out of his seat while Madame was writing on the board, and walking over to Shelby. He had something in his hand, but I couldn't see it. I started to turn around again, but then I saw something shine near Andrew. He was holding a can of dsome sort, a shiny silver one. There wasn't any lable though. He stood behind Shelby and he looked up at me and winked as he poured green paint all over the pompous-princess. Declan and I gasped, and he grabbed my shoulder.

"Oh my gosh!" he said.

"I know," I whispered. Andrew looked at me again and smiled. He took the long way back to his desk and slipped a piece of paper onto my desk. I looked at him an he just winked again. My heart fluttered as I lifted up the paper. I read it and nodded feverishly in his direction.


                Movie and Dinner Saturday?"

The End

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