D.Daniels: A cold wind blew past me.

The cold wind blew past me. I sat in the car, waiting for her to come out. I rearranged the middle mirror so it just caught a view of the top half of my head. My placid face and hard, brown eyes stare back. My bald head and hard, square jaw line not fitting into the area.

I grit my teeth, looking down at the black folder on the passanger's seat. Picking it up, I turn to today's assiginment, I roll my tounge inbetween my teeth.

From the corner of my eye I see her jog down the steps, thick, long wavy brown hair tumbles behind her, indentations on the bridge of her long nose. A brown sholder bag, bulging having barely been done up properly. Her right arm curls around a collection of libary books, as she runs from the school. Wrong way, I want to tell her. But I can't. It's not in my contract to do that.

She chats and laughs to her friends, saying goodbye she runs down the street. I turn the egnition on, rumbling, my work car starts to life - this is the only car that would blend in.

I follow her nonchanlently. She glances behind her, and quickly turns away, picking up her speed as she turns into an alley way. Perfect

I turn of the engine, place the key into my pocket. Pull my 'borrowed' leather gloves on, pull out my silver, top-of-the-range pistol out, along side it's silencer. I get out of the car, twisting the silencer onto the nossle of the gun.

I go down the alley, the girl had dropped her books and bag on the floor next to her and is now trying to find her way through a metal fence. I splash into a puddle, she whirls around to face me.

She gasps. "He... He ssssent y-y'... Didn't he?" I don't answer, I just elevate a brow in response. She shakes in fear. "P-p-please, don't... d-do it... Y-Y' don't have to, y' could, just... Run. L-Like, me..." Her eyes try to plead me.

I can't do what she wants though. I shake my head. She sharply intakes breath, she turns around and tries to fumble her way through. I raise my pistol.

She falls to the ground.

I walk away untwisling the silencer.

I crouch into the car and phone Tony. Mission completed. Now where's my money?

The End

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