ElzuWolfe: That final hypodermic fell to the floor and now I waited for...

That final hypodermic fell on the floor and now I waited anxiously for Lyn to come around, I held her in my arms, she was still, but my arms were shaking. I had fumbled the first two needles, my anxiety had got the better of me. I'd never previously been responsible for dispensing such a crucial injection - what if I had got it wrong?
Beneath her lids, her eyes flickered, haphazardly racing back and forth. She was strewn out across the kitchen floor. Why hadn't she eaten? 
The top part of her body was heavy in my arms, she was a dead weight, she didn't seem to be stirring at all. Cold sweat wrapped around my skin; how long was this meant to take?
I thought about placing her carefully down and calling an ambulance, but I wasn't sure if that was the right measures to take, I had never been in this position before.
I laid her head carefully on the stone floor, her head had cracked against something previously, the back of her hair was matted in a thick treacle of unimaginable red blood. I had realized how badly she'd been bleeding until I looked at my bright crimson hands. I rushed to the phone and frantically bashed at numbers, failing not once but twice to key in the simple three digits required.
"Hello? Hello?" my voice sounded alien to me, shrill and full of panic. I had never heard myself like it before, it startled me. I tried to calm myself. "Hello?"
The phone began to ring. I hadn't waited, just started talking, I was letting my anxiety get the better of me again.
The phone line connected "Emergency services, how can I help you?" a polite, calm young lady answered the phone. I imagined she was checking herself out in the mirror or polishing her nails, she seemed care free.
"Erm, yeah, listen..." I breathed in sharply, "I need an ambulance, quickly."
"Okay sir, just remain calm, may I have your address?" She was going through the motions, she did this day in, day out, she wasn't phased at all by my dilemma.
"Look, I need an ambulance... my friend has collapsed, she has diabetes."
"Yes, sir, I need your address... Sir." The woman had become suddenly rude and impatient, I hadn't expected such a strange turn.
"Oh, right." I looked down at Lyn, she stirred slightly, but was still unconscious. "54 Grittiths Way, Springfield."
"How do you spell that sir?" Her voice returned to the same horribly nasal complacency of before, I wasn't sure which irritated me more. I spelt the address out for her. Twice. "An ambulance will be right with you sir, no need to worry, we have everything under control."
I didn't feel as though they did.
I returned to Lyn's side, wiping her head with a wet cloth that I had just put under the cold tap.
I looked at her. She was beautiful, her pale skin was even paler in the false light of the energy saving light-bulbs of the kitchen. Her chest rose and fell swiftly, her breath hot and damp.
My hand's were cold and clammy, I placed a hand on her neck, cooling down her hot body.
It was 15 minutes before the ambulance arrived, a man and a women dressed in green invaded the house quickly and precisely, they carried gear to help carry Lyn out carefully without doing any damage to her, they attatched a oxygen mask to her and asked if I had taken any measures. I explained my difficulty with the injection, they told me I'd done well and that she should be better in a few days, they asked if I wanted to ride with them, to join her at the hospital. I told them I would pop by later and see how she was doing. I trusted them.
They left the house and I was left alone in a strange place. I had never been here before. I had never experienced that before. 
I hadn't spent much time in Lyn's company previously. But there was something about her, something that stopped my anxiety from frightening me. Something that allowed me to save her. I felt comfortable with her, she'd been so kind to me, the least I could do was repay the favor.
I went upstairs and found her bedroom, I explored a closet and found a suitcase, put it on the bed and started packing some of her belongings, tried to pack some nice things for her to read and things to do for the few nights she would have to stay in hospital. I would take it to her tonight.
Outside, a car pulled up. The man that got out eyed my car, in the drive way still and continued to approach the front door.
Should I answer? I thought. I headed to the top of the stairs, and came part way down. The front door swung open. 
I could feel my eyes widen. Who was this guy?
"Who the hell are you?" His face was the mirror image of mine, complete surprise.
"Erm... I'm Lyn's boyfriend..." I answered, in what seemed in retrospect, quite a feeble manner.
"Oh, is that so?" The man removed his big leather jacket, and it was in this moment, and spotting the ring on his finger, I knew exactly who this man must be.  

The End

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