lostmidtranslation: Love never wanted me...

Love never wanted me. That was, to put it lightly, a right understatement, proven by the multitude of embarrassing "no, I will not go out with you"s, awkward silences when I looked at someone the wrong way, and, probably most embarrassingly, proven by the way I was now referred to as "the single one" in our group of five, mostly taken, friends.

God, I needed a... I needed love. There were no longer any ways of escaping it - I was turning into the... ninth wheel of our group, and that, simply, was awk-ward.

So, that's how we, and by we I mean me and two of my closest (and taken. hmph,) friends, ended up at friend number 1's boyfriend's friends gig.

Yeah, the connection thing confused me too. I don't even know why I agreed to go without much of a fight, either, because... well, they were amateurish, and I had been having migranes all week. Still, it was cheap, and there was booze.

No complaints from me.

"Hey, wanna go get a drink?" One of them caught my arm - in the darkness, I could barely hear their voice, but the grip on my arm, and the light tugging definitely indicated that they wanted me to join them. "We're all going?"

"All?" I mimed a large circle with two fingers, hoping that my vague attempt at sign language would get me understood. She nodded and tugged at my arm again, and I sent one last look up at the crowded stage before I stepped closer to them and allowed myself to be dragged out to the bar.

"All." She confirmed as soon as we could hear ourselves think again, "And D's gonna introduce us to his mates." She grinned. "You'll like Warren, I'm sure."

"No set ups!" I heard myself whining before I could even think. "Please!" But she had shoved me into a seat and set me with a drink before I could even think.

"Enjoy," She giggled, before rounding the table to sit on my other side with Danny and practically attaching herself to him immediately. I sat and avoided looking at them for as long as I possibly could, staring at the bottom of my glass.

"Sickening, isn't it?" A voice jolted me out of my reverie, and I glanced up to stare into a pair of stunning grey eyes. "Every time I see him, he's mooning over her." I nodded.

"Same here." I let myself smile, "Katie." I raised my glass.

"Warren." He returned easily, "Mind if I join you? They're trying to set me up with some..." He shrugged, "always with the set ups. Bet you she's ugly as-"

"She would be the one sitting right in front of you," I hmmphed, immediately hunching over my drink a little tighter. His mouth formed a tiny 'o' and I bit my lip. "So yes. Ugly as... whatever, is a pretty good estimate. Sorry they," I gestured vaguely at the pair of limpets currently attached to each other, "they wasted your time. I'm... going to..." I drained my glass and walked away.

"H-hey, I didn't..." His voice stopped me as he grabbed me around the waist, "I only sat down because you looked cute."

"Not a good liar, trust me." I said as I looked up at him, stepping back even though his hands were still on my hips. "Let go of m-mmph."

He kissed me. Jesus, what a git. Taking liberties. Hmmph. Oh...

I pushed against his chest and he let me go, so that I could breathe, and I looked up at him.

"So dead." I hmmph'ed. "Good kisser, very, very cute, and very, very dead."

"Does that mean...?"

"That means shut up and do it again..."

The End

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