Evansterlinggraham: His Presence Shook The Earth...

"His presence shook the Earth, he is not a man, he's a monster! Now go! GO! Don't let him find you!!!" God what is with all the crazies out tonight? It's not even a full moon, so there's virtually no call for it.

"Uh... yeah, right. Thanks for the heads up." I flipped him a quarter and was on my way down the road. It was a bit late for a walk I'll admit, but hey, I'm a teenager, I highly doubt anyone plans to kill me But just in case, I brought my knife, for it was a weapon.

I just entered the forest when I noticed something strange in the distance. Curious, I ran up to it, but before I got to it, it disappeared. I was confused, but I didn't let it distract me, and decided to continue walking. But before I made it one step, the ground began to rumble. An earthquake? Odd, Vancouver never gets earthquakes. It got stronger, and stronger, until it finally knocked me down. Then I looked up and I saw it.

The old senile man was right after all.

This thing was huge, it was dark, and boy was it scary!! I stood up and tried to run, but something caught onto my leg.

"Where do you think you're going, puny human?" His voice was scary too. " You entered my forest, you obviously wanted to see me."

"Uh....um... well..."

"Go on! Speak up!" I obeyed.

" UH....UM...WELL..." I then felt stupid. "Well I thought I could just walk through, I'm just trying to get home!"

"Silence!" I obeyed. "You entered my forest, you die in my forest!" You know, now was a very appropriate time to run away. So I did.

I got right to my feet and booked it in the other direction. I thought I was making progress, until I realized how fast the monster was. Every step I took he took another five! I then remembered I had a knife on me. I took it out. God I hope this does something! I spun around and flung it at the monster.

I have horrible, horrible aim!!! I threw the friggin thing directly up in the air! Then again, it wasn't my fault, I fell down when I spun around. The monster smiled at me. He leaned over me and looked like he was about to hit me. Not good, not good at all. His hand (or claw I couldn't tell) was right next to my face, when out of no where, he collapsed. I was shocked, so I forced myself to check on what happened. The knife came down and went through his head. How lucky was that!? I grabbed it out, because this was now my lucky blade, and ran right back out of the forest. I got out, and was on my way back home, but just then, I saw the old man. I stopped, he warned me about the monster. Had I listened, I wouldn't have had to actually see it! I walked up to him, took out all the money I had on me, and put it in his hat. His eyes widened.

"Thank you kind sir! But... why so much?" I smiled.

"Because you taught me something today." He looked a bit confused. I turned and began to walk away, but before I left, I finished my sentence. " You taught me that no matter how crazy a person might look, he might just be the wisest old man you ever meet."

The End

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