PaperbackMartha23: He appeared out of nowhere

He appeared out of nowhere, or so it seemed. "A bolt out of the blue"...that's a line from that song. When You Wish Upon a Star. I never knew the wish would come true though. I stared at him in wonderment, I felt the smile brightening my features and the room seemed lit by a million crystal chandeliers. My breath caught for a splitsecond, and then I was breathing heavily: my body trying to make logic of the situation. I wanted to laugh because it didn't need to be logical. When he was here it made perfect sense.

It was like a dream. I should know; I've dreamed of this moment for years now. And I knew that he wouldn't fall short of my expectations. He couldn't. He made everything so much better: more vivid, more alive. More him. Everything faded away. The people at my side disappeared into the atmosphere, and all of the surroundings. Simplicity. Bliss. I sighed as he saw me and our eyes caught gazes. Held on. I didn't want to let go. He walked forward and I felt my heart racing. Only it wasn't stereotypical. It was like I could hear every pump, every valve. I could feel the earth spinning at an unimaginable speed beneath my feet. I felt everything that he did: we were one, in just one look. My hand raised instinctively to tuck my hair behind my ear, as we walked forward. Each step was a step closer. I knew that even if we were to spend just one more second in each other's company, it would be worth it. I could take this moment and make it golden. It would last forever. He took my hand in his. I had to close my eyes, just to open them again. It was no dream. It was brilliant. Just like him.

The End

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