D.Daniels: The gun weighed heavy on my mind...

The gun weighed heavy on my mind, as the man loomed over me, a menacing smile playing on his lips. The other man laughing quietly. I bet you wondering how I got here. Well, it all started as I was running late for a photoshoot, and had to make my own way there....

I skipped down the cobbled streets in the high heeled, knee length boots my agent gave to me. Now then Morgan, you can't be late. Not again. They'll fire you for sure! I thought rapidly, as the old abandoned Edwardian houses blured past me. My fade blue jeans cacooned my long legs, my black spaghetti top, with emerald desgins along the bottom, stuck to my body as I sprinted through the old city.

My thick, wavy hair flowed behind me like a cape, my pale almost transparant arms swoung side to side, forcing me forward. Clip, clip, clip, my heels echoed along the empty streets. I twirled around the corner, my hand lightly touched the corner as I spun around it.

I stumbled slightly on a rouge cobble, as I fell down, my hands breeze by, pushing me up lightly forcing me back into my run. I turned into another alley, there wasn't much light, but I know this city like the back of my hand - two freckles, eight fingers and two thumbs. I should have known something was off though.

I've lived in this town, for what seems to be my entire life. I've been down this particular alley thousands of times, in day and night, alone or with people.

It was then that the tall, wide man jumped out of deep doorway, landing in front of me. I skided to a halt, my heels skidded slightly on the damp cobbles.

I backed away, not turning and kept my eyes on him at all times. Keep calm, Morgan. Just keep completely calm.

"Hey, pwetty girly, 'ow about you cum ova 'ere?" He waddled over to me, his breath breathed over me, his breath smelt like mouldy eggs. I backed away, straight into what felt to me like a brick wall. I glanced up quickly, only to see another huge man loom over me. I quickly darted away from the man, my eyes starred at them, they backed me into a bricked wall they moved closly into me.

The man that jumped out at me pulled out a gun, "Now then, girly. Ya gunna do whateva I want y' to do, got it?"

I didn't say anything, my eyes were staring at the gun. My mind went into many different sernios at what might happen. The other man laughed at me as the other loomed into me. Then, I did it. I screamed at the top if my lungs, the scream hitting many high notes, the men recoiled from me.

The man with the gun dropped it. I daashed to the gun, picked it up and ran as fast as I could down the road. Passers by looked at me, then at the guys behind me. The nightmare ended there.

The End

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