Chimerakiller2 : I stare at my reflection on the blood-stained blade...

I stare at m reflection on the blood stained blade. My face was distorted by the blade but also by the many blood stains on my face. I drop the blade horrified of what  I may have done. As it clang noisily on the ground I see the bloodied room of dead bodies, and guts strewn everywhere. I couldn't possibly. I think fidgeting horrified its not right. I  let my self curl up agianst a corner of the room.

" No,no, no. Did I do this? Please I pleed it not to be me." I whimper in an instant my facial expression changes , and lose control of my bodies. I laugh at the bodies. 

" Oh but you did. Don't you rememer." I hear myself say but I don't believe its me at all.

The memories of me malicously stabbing and killing innocent people hits me like a boulder. I fall backwards. I also remember enjoying myslef as I did this.

" Wh-who are you?"  I ask myself.

Another memory of me gutting a girl agianst the wall appears. My horrified look on my face turns to a grin.

" A serial killer." I say but then I begin to cower agian. " Its not right. Stop it stop it."

I must be insane this all has to be a delusion.  I think to myself as I run from the room of blood. As I push open the door violently I trip down a flight of steep stairs to find a new horror.

The End

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