Renee999: Some things can't be helped when...

Some things can't be helped when they aren't from your planet. I would love to help all of the aliens that ask for it. But, unfourtunetly, they don't always get along.

Like the Ploki and the Dresa. They have been at war since they met. They don't ven know why anymore. When they aren't together, they are each very kind. They both get along with the Kiju and the Tygs. They have only harmed my when they landed here the first time.

I was simply reading. Sitting in my living room reading War Of The Worlds and I here a crash from behind my house. I place my book mark and slide open the glass doors. There is a burnt smell in the air. For a second, I wonder if I left the grill on. Then I see the scar across my backyard.

A hissing sound.

A bright blue light.

They came at last.

I had been calling the aliens for all my life. Everyone in my family has done it in this exact house. And I am the one they appear to. I try to keep my breathing calm. The basketball sized cube that is in the center on the crater pops opens.

Out falls three marbles. I am about to pick one up when it opens. It grows to about half my height. It opens its eyes and looks at me. The silver dot that seem to collect images take in my starteled expression and then I black out.

I later learn that I was searched and my house looked through before I was allowed to awaken. Since the Grevis came, a lot more aliens have landed in my back yard. I help them when I can and send them on when I can't. I am keeping a journal of all the different species. So far, I have met 137 different aliens from different planets and some from asteroids. I even met two from neighboring stars.

The End

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