Em.xX: Everything can go wrong, but...

Everything can go wrong, but nothing, and I mean nothing can go as wrong as this. We were meant to be doing a play. The director had told us the harnessy thing that makes you fly couldn't be used. He said the bar holding it up wasn't safe. But we didn't listen.

"It can't be broken" I'd said

"Yeah" Emma had agreed "He probably just said that so we wouldn't  use it and break it. But we won't break it coz we're gonna be really careful" so we'd gone to practice on the stage. He'd given us a scene that didn't involve the harnessy thing. But we used it afterwards. We both knew how. So we had a great time... almost. It had been Emma's turn. I was in charge of where she went. I was making her whizz across the stage when it happened. She was 20 feet in the air. I was just holding the rope that keeps you up, and pulling the one that makes you move. Then it happened. At the same time, a tear in the rope caught on the thing that the rope pulls through, and there was a loud grinding sound. Emma was stuck, and the bar holding her up was slowly sliding down. I couldn't do anything about it. The rope snapped and the bar dropped the 20 feet. It crushed us both. Emma died. The bar had pushed her head first onto the concrete stage. I was the lucky one. I lived. But I'm disabled for life. Most of the things I wanted to do can't be done. If I could go back, I would have left after doing my scene. I bet Emma would have too. But I can't go back. And now Emma's dead.

The End

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