cherrywrite: Looking back, it could have been worse...

Lukin bak, it cud hav been wers. i cud'v dyed if it wosn't fer de fact that there wos a tri brench stikin owt of de insyde wal of de wel that i fel intou. i onli gut al mi ribs brokon, end disabeld fer de res of mi lyfe. i am oso blynd, end def end i con't tayst or fil enythin. At leest i diden't dye. If i did dye then mie mum wud'v dyed in shok wich wud send mi dad intou reehab. Then mi brotha wil slip nex tou mi graiv fer de res of hees lyfe end freek al of hees gerulfrends awai. Donu't asc me how i can stil tipe or rite beecos i wuden't no beecos my IQ is zeero. Actuly, i tink its mynus sumthin becos mi spelin suks end i am rily serprysed u red tou de end of mi stewpid stery.

The End

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