There's a spider in the tub

"There's a spider in the tub," Gabriella screeched, the announcement easily reaching the bedroom on the opposite side of the house. Peter, her husband, sighed. The shirts he had been folding were put aside on the bed, and he made his way to the bathroom.

"I have never understood why most women can't take care of these things themselves," he said as he entered the bathroom. "What do you do when I am not at home?"

"I would go dirty before stepping into the tub with that thing there," she said, pointing at the animal in question. Peter stepped forward so that he could see the horrible spider that was making such a fuss.

"Oh, he's such a small thing. Wash him down the drain. Or, squish him with a used towel," he said as he turned on the water. He switched it to the shower setting, letting the water sprinkle on the entire surface of the tub. The spider rode the waves to the drain, falling in without a wimper.

Gabriella was wimpering, though. "How do you know he won't climb his way back up and bite me?"

"Because the water will keep him down." Peter reached down and put the stopper in the drain. "Plus, you can stop up the drain during your shower. You take short showers as it is usually, so not a whole lot of water will fill up at the bottom. Does that work?"

Gabriella didn't respond; she simply continued undressing, readying herself for her shower. Peter sighed again as he left the room. Women, he thought, smiling just a little. Can't live with them - not peacefully, that is.

The End

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