dottylotti: We thought he wouldn't come back.....

We thought he wouldn't come back, his eyes had glazed over and his pulse was gone.  Tears flooded down my cheeks as I held his hand.

'Please stand back.'  A nurse pulled me away from his body as the doctors surrounded him.  I couldn't bear to lose him, he was my whole world and I didn't know how to function without him.

My life would go on.  Work, friends, eat, sleep, get up in the morning.  But it wouldn't be the same without his smile, the way he held me when I cried and the way he knew when to say nothing.  His annoying habits that I could live without and his cold feet when he got into bed.

'Shocking.'  His body jolted and I winced in pain.  How could they be doing this to him?  I had never ben religious but now I prayed for a miracle, for his life to be saved so I didn't have to go on without him.

'He's back.'  I ran to his bedside and held his hand.  He was beautiful even on the edge of death, his golden curls on the pillow and the calm expresion on his face.  He was going to be alright.  His eyelids covered his searching brown eyes.  I waited.  Waiting for them to open so he could see me again, so he could smile when he knew he had won.

And so I waited.  I'm still waiting.  I will wait forever to see his eyes again and to see the smile spread across his face.  I am not going to give up.  I love you and you know I am waiting for you to come back so we can continue our life.  I will always be waiting for you.

The End

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