Rock XIII: It finally made sense. After all of this...

It finally made sense. After all of this... this bullmalarky, I was finally able to see the truth, what I have been hiding from not only everybody, but myself. The memories what has happened, what is happening, and what will happen have all been made clear. I understand now.

I know, strange that I've been hiding things from myself, but that's the thing. I forced myself to hide them, to forget them, because of what horror the memories are made of. The effect that they have brought upon me? They have made me insane. Very insane. How the hell do you think I've been able to keep my head as I right this? Did you honestly expect me to figure all this stuff out and not go crazy? It's all that's keeping me from committing suicide. That or this bowl of chili that's sitting across from me. Damn that looks good.

See? I'm weighing my life over a bowl of food and am writing about it in an important journal like they are my actual current thoughts. Or is that what people normally do? Maybe that squirrel will go well with this chilli.... ... Okay, it's the insanity.

Alright, now where was I again? Oh, right, stuff I've been hiding.

Honestly, I'm having second thoughts about telling you. The stuff that I've done that I've found out is so grueling that I- Oops, told you what this thing is about. Oh well. Following suit to my apparent true personality, I'll have to kill you after I've killed your friends. Yippie, that sounds so bad! I honestly wonder if Iuy is some over-the-top reject actor from an old sci-fi movie.

If you haven't figured out from that, I am Iuy Rui Oppen Geouds III, our nemesis. And now I sound like some video game character telling referring to the enemy and making it sound like the main character has amnesia. Maybe I'm not Iuy after all? Maybe it'll happen after the five hundred years I spend in Limbo. Yeah, that sounds about right.

Oh, yeah, if I'm Iuy, then you must remember the countless worlds I blew up for no reason, that I killed off about four of our best friends, poisoned our home village's water supply, sent a spy after us (of who he knocked the brains out of after making out with you [gross, a girl making out with a girl, I mean. Oh, yeah, that's what happened to him/ her, by the way]), and kicked our asses in every battle we faced me in. Oh hey, I'm thinking you're amnestic or something spelled like that again.

Okay, well, I'd tell you what I've done/ will be doing in the future, but I'm supposed to be telling me to attempt to kill you in about a month on Bertea, from where you'll survive and then proceed to kill me about three years later with an army of one million while I'm in the shower.

Bye bye,

TRYWE HOI/ Iuy Rui Oppen Geouds III

P.S: I ate your pancakes.

P.P.S: I like cereal.

P.P.P.S: I'm really starting to doubt that I'm Iuy now.

The End

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