CrystalRose: The magic left us years ago ...

The Magic left us years ago...... We thought it couldn't excape. We tried to keep it hidden but now the world has seen our true light.

We tried to keep it quiet. We wished that it would remain a secret that no one else would know besides the three of us.

I thought we'd gained its friendship. But it seems like we were mistaken.

Magic has no friends, it only does things for the gain to help it flourish and become more powerful. Now I understand how it can't be tamed.

That it can bite and hurt not just bring peace and hapiness. Magic isn't a good thing and it isn't bad either.

You can't let it trick you like that. I've learned from my mistake.

I mean I can hardly forget it, not with the burning pain along my face that has to be hidden from the wind..... from everything.

Magic left me scared. Left me to have to hide never to be seen again. Cause if I let the air touch the burning I know it will never stop.

Magic was bad to me but I can not call it bad itself. Magic has no kindness but it has no evil in its heart either.

It just ends up either hurting or bringing something wonderful to your life. Don't trust Magic.

Not like we did..... I'm the only one left who knows it truely. I think I'll end up dead soon.

The End

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