Harlot: The grass was soft underfoot...

The grass was soft underfoot as she walked towards the man sitting under the apple tree. Her shoes lay kicked off at the bottom of the hill. She sits down next to the man--and snuggles up to him.

This man she loved, she kisses the cheek of the man--laying there silently.

The struggle had been hard on him. It had been hard on her as well. She really did not know how she survived it. She knew why. She did it for him. For when she was with him--nothing else existed. Nothing beyond this hill. Nothing beyond the comfort of this apple tree.

The summer wind was hot as it blew by. She rubs her cheek against his. "You do remember the hard times, right? The trials? The tribulations?"

She looks at the small boy laying at the bottom of the hill--staring up at the clouds. She tried to guess what the boy was seeing in the clouds. Maybe she should ask him?

She snugs up closer to this man, "it is wonderful how our son got such a lucky place to be in. Look at him down there. You know--sometimes I feel like we are the only people in the world. That nobody else is out there. I go out, and do my daily duties--and feel so lonely... except when I am with you."

She pulls out the picnic lunch she brought. Pulling out a few food items, offering a few food items, eating some herself, "it is kind of sad. The market has not really had anything worth buying. They got rid of all the cashiers I like. Nobody really there any more worth talking to.anymore. Kind of depressing really. This town really has gone nowhere.lately."

She sighs arms wrapped around him, "well--maybe I am just holding onto the old times."

She stands up, dusting off her dress, and lays down a rose down at the man's feet. Walks down to the child and lays a rose onto him.

"See you two tomorrow. It is the brightest part of my day in this dead little hell hole of a town."

The End

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