"DON'T TOUCH THAT!" I yelled 

My son looked over at me with confusion in his eyes, as he saw the gun lying there on the desk. 

"It's daddy's, you don't touch that. You don't EVER touch that!" I yelled, probably a bit louder then was needed. 

He blinked as tears started falling down his face. I expected him to run out of the room in fear, but instead he hugged my legs tightly.  I bent down slowly. Looking at my son eye to eye. Tears were flowing and i felt a jolt of pain go threw my chest. 

"Daddy, i know what this is...Its a gun...bad guys always use them in movies...why did you have one?" Asked my son innocently 

Well, my son was 7 i guess i understand why he knew what guns were...what was I supposed to tell him? That i was going to blow my brains out? That i couldn't take his mothers exessive nagging? That my job was slowly killing me anyways?  I couldn't think of anything.  So i just sat there, hugging my child, weeping into his head. 

"Daddy...your not a bad guy..." He said, sniffling a little. 

"I know...Daddy just has a lot on his plate right now..." I said, feeling a little ashamed in myself.

"Oh...well....we should get rid of the gun" He said smiling up0 at me

"Yah...we should" I said smiling back, feeling a bit better for sharing 

The End

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