"I'm sorry, Mrs. Roberts. Your husband ... " (SumnerzAngel)

“I’m sorry, Mrs. Roberts. Your husband…”

“Stop. I don’t want to hear it.”

The solicitor looked Mrs. Roberts up and down. For him it was just another day with just another client, this one a hysterical 30-something, with tears spilling from her grey eyes. The room they were in was too hot and stuffy, as the central heating was trying to combat the winter weather outside. There were many similar cases around this time of the year, and it got very dull, to tell them the same thing over and over again. Still, the solicitor had a job to do.

“Mrs. Roberts… Your husband…”

“Don’t; you don’t have to say it.”

“But, I do…Mrs. Roberts, I must make an official statement.”
“I can’t- I won’t listen.”

“I’m still going to say it…” the solicitor rolled his eyes. She wasn’t the first to ignore the bad news a simple solicitor had to bring. Often, solicitors dabbled in bad news, and, often, they were the ones who got shot.

“Mrs. Roberts… Your husband has filed for divorce. He wants nothing more to do with you and he is happy to keep the possession issues the way they have been sorted during the last couple of weeks. He told me to tell you that he will not see you to talk and will not hesitate to put a restraining order on you if you decided to seek him out.”

Mrs. Roberts wailed into the tissue she had plucked from a box on the solicitor’s desk.

“So, it’s true… He’s stopped loving me,” she managed to say through her tears.

“Yes, Mrs. Roberts,” replied the solicitor, a little hesitantly, “But, I assure you, Mrs. Roberts, that this I not the end of the world. Take into account the lucky fact that you are not Catholic like your husband, who will not be allowed to remarry, and if he does, excommunicated from the church. As a non-religious person you face no such charge and are free to do whatever you wish with the rest of your love-life.”

Suddenly, Mrs. Roberts seemed to brighten up. In fact, her sky-coloured eyes were beaming out sunlight now. The blonde woman jumped up out of her seat and planted a light kiss on the solicitor’s lips. He blushed, taken completely by surprise.

“Oh, thank you.” Mrs. Roberts bubbled.

“Umm… You’re welcome.”

The solicitor watched as the curvy figure of Mrs. Roberts disappeared out of his office, thinking that maybe today wasn’t such a dull day; maybe Mrs. Roberts was not just another customer…

The End

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