marcuslee: The lights swirled and danced...

The lights swirled and danced, which caused a bemused expression to cross my face. An array of colors came in and out of focus, combining with each other to create more complex varieties. The colors shifted again when the light became brighter, the colors more vivid. The pendulum swung back, though, and the colors were so dull it was hard to tell the difference between a red and a blue.

After several long, agonizing seconds, the light returned to a normal hue and brightness; the world around me began to coalesce. I rubbed my eyes, wiping away some moisture that had collected. Was it sleep in my eye? Were they tears? Or, from some other source? It didn't seem to matter once I saw everything around me in clear focus.

I was sitting at the bottom of a flight of stairs. When my vision blurred again, I realized that I was bleeding from somewhere on my head. I reached up to my forehead, and sticky blood got all over my fingers. It was then that I rememberd that I had slipped on a toy at the top of the stairs, losing my balance.

The End

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