Julianne: The water in the fountain was green.

The water in the fountain was green. Why did this time of year always speak to her? This green was not a patina caused by copper and time, it was not beautiful moss caused by the thick, wet air. It was simply green dye.

The green dye only comes once a year to make the water festive and dye the fountains for months to come. It is dye that is put in toilet bowls and the same dye that is mixed in beer. The city of Savannah comes alive with green water on St. Patrick's Day! Green beer and green water is part of the transformation the city goes trough all for a weekend of partying.

For her it was the day she always got to see her daddy. She knew they'd go to the parade that day. They would also go to lunch. It was his birthday and it was one of her favorite traditions. Neither could drink the green beer, but both could look into the fountains and watch the city transform for a short time. He worked too much and she lived with her mommy, so this time spend with her daddy was priceless.

The End

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