AmandaQuirky - The stars seemed to explode....

The stars seemed to . . . explode, somehow, as they began moving in a clockwise direction above his head.  The twinkling, twirling lights were so many colours, colours he’d never realised existed: colours like the sky, but brighter, colours like her lips, but darker, colours like his own golden curls, but sharper.  He could barely understand how he’d lived his whole life without really seeing those colours.

And there was music playing; perhaps it had started when the stars exploded?  The soft, enchanting notes filled the air around him; there were no words, but the lilting, otherworldly tune needed none.  Was that a perfect fifth?  Followed by a descending chromatic scale?  Oh, he couldn’t tell, couldn’t focus on the theory now.  What mattered was how lovely this was, lying below the spinning, singing stars—they seemed almost close enough to touch, if he just reached out his hand.

His reverie was broken as she walked in.  As always, she called his name as she crossed the threshold, speaking gentle words to reassure him of her identity.  For the first time ever, he could see her, all the way from the other side of the room.  On her face, she bore a warm, sweet smile.  In her hand, she bore a warm, tasty bottle.

          As she switched off his cot mobile and lifted him into the crook of her arm, she exclaimed over his size, proudly informing him that on Saturday he would be 4 whole months old! Then she took him downstairs, and to his delight, everything was exploding with colours, shapes, and contrasts: just like the stars.

The End

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