Battle to Barn

We walked several miles as we came to another barn.

"Well arn't we staying on the country side." I said to Ifrit as we led our little group followed close behind.

"Don't want to run into any unwanted guests." he simply said.

"It might be a little late for that." I said as I heard footsteps. They wern't normal. They were louder than they shouldve been. Like someone wanted me to notice. "I'll bring up the back." I said as I leaned a little closer to Ifrit. "Whatever happens, keep running."

"What in hells name are you talking about." he said giving me an annoyed look.

"Just trust me." I smiled as I fell in behind a guy named Zell.

I walked slower than the group. Soon, I heard the footsteps vanish. Strange.

I dared myself and glanced back, but there was no one there. Then, a little shadow that nearly slipped my eyes flew ahead of me. I went from my slow steps to a sprint in an instant.

I shoved everyone out of my way as I looked at Ifrit and the avenger. Ifrit had jsut enough time to block the attackers attack.

I began to shout at Ifrit, but my words were silenced as I saw a bow and arrow with a green sash. She held a knife in her hands. It was odd because bowmans never used knifes, but I guess she was skilled in both, but as soon as she slipped her bow from her arm, I knew we were done for. The way she pulled it off of her back was the way of a true green belt.

"Run!" I shouted at Ifrit and he didn't hesitate. He shoved everyone away from the girl.

I saw her move forward, but then I stepped in her way. "Going somewhere?" I asked as I faced her. She was beautiful. She had brown hair and eyes that were blue like mine, but dark. Nearly black.

"Yeah," she said. "And your in my way."

"Well, I see where the problem is, but I'm afraid your gonna have to deal with this problem before you can get to that problem." I said pointing to the now vanished Ifrit.

"I guess so," she simply said as I began to run at her. With my dagger in my hand, I jumped up behind her, but she was faster. She had already made some distance between me and her and had an arrow in her hand and aimed.

I dodged her in the nick of time, but as soon as I had recovered from the first blow, she came at me with another one from a different angle. She was good.

I knew I had to take this one. I shifted my shoulders so that instead of hitting my heart, it was make it's way to my shoulder.

She didn't waste anytime in making her next move, and neither did I. She shot a couple more arrows and I dodged them gracefully but my they cut iff bits of my hair. I went in closer going for a one on one combat. I say how her arrows were attached to her back and planned everything out. I reached for a second dagger and held it in my left hand. I took my chance and threw it, aiming for her throat, and just like planned, she reacted instantly. She shifted ripping off the strap to her arrows.

I ran forward and kicked them away from her but she was already coming to me again, this time with her bow. I was careless in the begining though. I noticed that she had sharp edges on her bow that could easily penitrate my skin. I reacted dlowly at first, but then realization hit me. There was no way I could out wit her. She was a green belt infact. I was meerly a blue belt, but I had to try.

Now, it was just a one on one fight. Nothing seperating us except our weapns. Then, she dropped her bow and pulled out the knife she had earlier. She wasn't as skilled as she was using her bow, but she was at a red belt lever with it. There was no way out of it. Out weapons met for several instances as we were pulled apart only to come back at each other.

Then, I felt a sharp pain go into my other shoulder. She had plunged her knife into me, with an agonizing shriek, I fell to the ground, defeated.

"You can't win." she solomly said. "There's a fine line between your abilities and mine." she wasn't even out of breath, though she seemed entertained. "Concider yourself lucky to be alive. I'll spare your life for another time." she picked up her bow and arrows.

She simply ran away in the direction Ifrit had gone. I grabbed the knife that was in my shouder and ripped it out of my shoulder. I placed it by the bow that was in my other shoulder. She was only milimeters away from hiting the nerve that would paralize my entire arm.

She was right. I had been lucky. Unlike the pro assassins, she was like a lilly compared to them. The bleeding didn't stop though. I put pressure to it and tried everything to stop it, but I couldn't. There was just no way.

I felt my adrenaline rush leave me. That, plus all the blood I had lost made me swoony. I began to sit up and tried my best to stand, but the instant I did, I fell right back down.

I didn't hit the ground like I planned, but it felt like I was in someones arms. It took every bit of energy I had to open my eyes and see who's arms was around me and now lifting me up.

It was Ifrit. He was looking down at me, concerned. I merely smiled and uttered the words, "So you do care," having just enough in me to make comments.

"Concider yourself lucky." he said as I felt his chest rumble as he chuckled.

"I'm very lucky," I said hearing that girls voice in my head again.

Then fatigue washed over me and I passed out.


I found myself parched up and laying in a pile of soft hay that picked at my skin occasionally. I sat up slowly as I felt dizzy. Caesaria was laying bext to me as I glanced around me to see where I was.

A barn. I simply concluded to.

I tried to brush my hand through my hair and straighten, but right when my arm went up I felt a rush of complete oaun go through my system.

"AHH!" I screamed as I fell back into the hay and clutched my shoulder and felt something ooze around me. Blood.

"Camalot!" I heard Caesaria scream. "Ifrit!" she said, but all I could think of was the encounter I had with that mystery girl. Memory of everything that happened came back to me.

"I need water!" she screamed as I felt something cool touch my wound. I was proped up against something warm. A hand went on mine and i squeezed it against the pain.


Hours later, Caesaria got the blood to stop and I was laying against fresh hay again. "Now," Caesaria said. "I don't want you moving. If you need to do something tell me or Ifrit. I don't want you doing anything on your own. Not until your wound is somewhat healed."

"What are you? My mother?" I said giving her a frown.

"No," she said. "But I amd someone who knows that if you loose too much blood you'll just be a drag to all of us and get all of us killed. That and if you move your shoulder wrong you'll never be able to fight. Are you willing to take that risk?" she said sternly.

"Okay," I said as I jsut loked at Ifrit that was sitting by me. He gave me a knowing look. Knowing I didn't like taking orders, he just nodded.

I sighed and closed my eyes.

I felt comfort in my entire body as I slept. It was nice. To realax, finally. Safely.

The End

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